750 prize bond list 2024 | 750 Prize Bond List for 15 July 2024

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The 750 Prize Bond List for July 2024 is highly anticipated by bondholders eager to see if they’ve won in the latest draw. This quarterly event generates significant excitement among investors, who appreciate the convenience of checking results online. The allure of potentially substantial prizes makes these draws particularly engaging for participants. The results of the 98th draw for the Rs. 750/- denomination National Prize Bonds, held on July 15, 2024, at the State Bank of Pakistan in Quetta, will soon be available.

750 prize bond list 2024 | 99th draw for the Rs. 750 Prize Bond 15 July 2024

The first prize for the Rs. 750 bond is Rs. 1,500,000, while the second prize is Rs. 500,000 each for the three winners. The winning number for the first prize is 827399, with the second prize numbers being 462355, 565416, and 900097. The Rs. 750 prize bond is the second-largest denomination of national prize bonds, with four draws annually. Participants can access the complete list of draws and download the 750 Prize Bond List for 2024 in PDF format. This year’s first draw continues the tradition of quarterly draws that maintain investor interest.

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National Savings Pakistan manages the prize bond scheme, implemented by the State Bank of Pakistan. The Rs. 750 prize bond draw includes 175 series, distributing a total of 297,500 prizes. The prize structure features 175 first prizes of Rs. 1,500,000 each, 525 second prizes of Rs. 500,000 each, and 296,800 third prizes of Rs. 9,300 each. To purchase these bonds, individuals must visit authorized banks with their National Identity Card (NIC), a copy of the NIC, and bank account details, including the IBAN. This straightforward process ensures accessibility for all interested participants.

Winners can claim their prize money by visiting any SBP BSC office with their original NIC, a copy, and bank account details. After filling out and submitting a form, the prize money is transferred to the winner’s bank account. First- and second-prize winners may experience a processing time of 10 to 15 working days. The government of Pakistan imposes a fixed tax on prize money, deducted at the source. Filers benefit from a lower tax rate of 15%, while non-filers face a 30% tax rate, resulting in different net prize amounts depending on the filer’s status.

The complete list is here

The next draws for 2024 include the Rs. 1500 and Rs. 100 denominations. Platforms like Hamariweb and the official National Savings application provide easy access to prize bond results and comprehensive information on purchasing bonds, claiming prizes, and understanding taxation. The excitement of winning keeps participants engaged, making each draw a highly anticipated event for bondholders across Pakistan.

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