About KHeRi

About KHeRi

About KHeRi

Put Dreams into Reality.

KHeRi is the most coveted cultural footwear in Pakistan. A unique blend of cultural pride, comfort, and style; an authentic KHeRi is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. “www.KHeRifootwear.com”, brings you beautifully-designed genuine Kheri Chappal, Norozi Chappal, and Peshawari Chappals on the online store. We are proud to introduce high-quality hand-made designs crafted by skillful craftsmen from Quetta. Using grade A+ leather, our talented Morosi artisans ensure that the Chappal you receive is a world-class sandal tailored to suit your individual preferences, needs, choices, and requirements. Our state-of-the-art quality assurance protocols and mechanisms make sure that our customers get excellent service delivery 24/7.

A Satisfied Customer Base:

  • Customer-centric business.
  • Customer satisfaction is a prime motto.
  • Customized and flexible products.
  • A leading manufacturer of quality handmade footwear for customers.
  • Highly experienced professional team. 
  • A highly flexible company that offers customization.

  • A prime focus is on customer satisfaction and quality maintenance.

A Piece of Home, Away from Home.

Our online store is especially geared towards our Pakistani living abroad who find it difficult to find a hand-crafted Norozi Chappal in their foreign abode. We will help you stay connected to your heritage and culture by bringing the Chappal to your doorstep. Be it Eid, Independence Day, or any other festive occasion, you can easily log onto our online store and pick the Chappal of your favorite style, design, color, and size.

KHeRi footwear accumulates the traditional trends along with the latest styles. Kheri is one of the International brands of the world. We have a wide and beautiful collection of Norozi Chappal on our E-commerce platform. It is an attractive and comfortable product for your walk-in-the-fashion zone. Norozi Chappal is our popular product in the fashion world, especially in regional class and modern as well. We have variety in our production units with flexible designing as our footwear. Soft material leather footwear is easily available in sophisticated styles, designs, and sizes.

It is a traditional article concerning a person, Noroz Khan who was a resident of Quetta. It takes an endless amount of history to make a tradition. Traditions are always alive and welcoming. Noroz Khan manufactured the first Chappal and later he modified its further design. That is why it is famous as Norozi Chappal. KHeRi applies pure leather to manufacture it. As for fit to your elegant footwear look. The uniqueness of this chappal is its style and class worldwide. 

KHeRi is Pakistan’s No.1 brand of versatile handmade footwear. KHeRi Footwear is producing quality footwear with comfort and style. Inspired by local manufacturing style, inducting quality in the product. Primer designs of norozi located in Quetta 


Feel free to Contact Us: 

Whatsapp # 0092 – 303 – 3853308 

Cell # 0092 – 335 – 5293100

Click For 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭𝐬𝐚𝐩𝐩. https://wa.me/923355293100


Website: https://kherifootwear.com

E-mail: [email protected]

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