Balochistan Ormara

Ormara beach. Ormara is a town located in Balochistan province, Pakistan. It is situated in the Gwadar District on the Makran coast, serving as a port on the Arabian Sea. Ormara is approximately 230 kilometers (140 miles) east of Gwadar and 360 kilometers (220 miles) west of Karachi. Interestingly, this harbor is also known as the “Area” in Periplus of the Erythraean Sea.

History of Balochistan Ormara

Ormara beach. Located on the Makran Coastal Highway between Karachi and Gwadar, Ormara Beach is a historical site visited by Alexander the Great and his army during their journey back from the Indus Valley in 400 BC. One of Alexander’s generals, Ormoz, passed away there, and the city now bears his name. Ormara beach. The history of Ormara Beach has been marked by conflict between the Baloch Sardar and outside invaders for centuries. Prior to independence, it was a part of the state of Las Bela. In 1975, it became a part of the Makran Division. Due to its remote location, the town did not thrive until the construction of the Makran Coastal Highway and Jinnah Naval Base. Since then, the quality of life for the roughly 40,000 residents has improved with the emergence of local industries and employment opportunities. Most locals rely on fishing for a living, while others work in Middle Eastern nations. Ormara has experienced significant growth in recent years, especially since the Makran Coastal Highway was built, which improved integration with Pakistan’s national economy and major urban centers, making it easier to transport goods, commerce, and people. Today, Ormara continues to provide a glimpse into how ancient people lived.

Ormara weather

Ormara is situated in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The weather of Ormara in the summer months (May to September) in Ormara are characterized by hot and dry weather, with temperatures averaging between 30 and 40 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, the winter months (November to March) are comparatively cooler, with average temperatures ranging between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Ormara weather today

Ormara weather today

H: +28°
L: +27°
Sunday, 08 October
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Sat Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
+28° +28° +28° +28° +28° +28°
+27° +27° +27° +27° +27° +27°

Tips for dressing for the weather in Ormara

During the summer months, Ormara experiences hot and humid weather. To stay comfortable, it's important to dress appropriately. Opt for light, loose-fitting clothing made from natural fibers. Additionally, protect yourself from the sun by wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Ormara's winter weather can be cool, so dress in layers and bring a jacket or sweater for the evenings.

Activities to enjoy in Ormara

Ormara offers a plethora of outdoor activities to enjoy.

  • Swimming: The beaches in Ormara are perfect for swimming.
  • Sunbathing: The beaches in Ormara are also great for sunbathing.
  • Fishing: There are a number of fishing spots in Ormara.
  • Hiking: There are a number of hiking trails in the area.
  • Camping: There are a number of camping spots in the area.

Karachi to Ormara distance

Karachi to Ormara distance Karachi to ormara distance is almost 347.4 Kilometers via Makran Costal Hwy/N-10, which is almost 4hr 51 min. Ormara Beach distance from Karachi is easily coverable.

Ormara Beach Resort

The Ormara Beach Resort is a well-known tourist spot located in the Balochistan province of Pakistan. The resort offers beautiful beaches, clear water, and stunning green mountains. There are various accommodation options such as huts, cottages, and villas. The resort also has many restaurants and cafes serving a wide range of cuisines.
Ormara Beach Resort, Pakistan

The resort is an ideal destination for those in search of relaxation and rejuvenation. You can indulge in a variety of activities such as swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and admiring the awe-inspiring scenery. Additionally, there are several nearby attractions and activities, including Kund Malir Beach, Hingol National Park, and Princess of Hope.

Here are some of the best resorts in Ormara:

  • Bolan Safari Resort: This resort provides diverse lodging options such as huts, cottages and villas. Additionally, it boasts a swimming pool, restaurant and café.
    Bolan Safari Resort, Ormara Beach Resort, PakistanBolan Safari Resort, Ormara Beach Resort, Pakistan
  • Crystal Beach and Camping Resort: This resort is a great option for those who want to camp near the beach. It also has a few cottages and huts. There is also a restaurant and a cafe on site.
    Crystal Beach and Camping Resort, Ormara Beach Resort, Pakistan
  • Hafth Talar Beach Resort: This resort is situated on the beautiful Kund Malir Beach, just a short drive away from Ormara. It offers a range of accommodation options, such as huts, cottages, and villas, as well as a swimming pool, restaurant, and café.e.
    Hafth Talar Beach Resort, Ormara Beach Resort, PakistanHafth Talar Beach Resort, Ormara Beach Resort, Pakistan

If you're planning a trip to Ormara, make sure to book your accommodations ahead of time, especially if you're traveling during peak season. The most ideal time to visit Ormara is during the winter months, from November to March, when the weather is enjoyable.


A port and a fish harbour are located at Ormara. Ormara is home to the Jinnah Naval Base of the Pakistan Navy. Ormara Airport (ORW), a domestic airport with connectivity to the rest of Pakistan, is located within the country. Ormara is connected to Gwadar and Karachi to the west and east, respectively, by the Makran Coastal Highway.

Balochistan Ormara Cantonment

Ormara cantonment board was established in 2001. Its civil population is 2122.

Jinnah Naval Base

An important naval base for the Pakistan Navy, Jinnah Naval Base is situated in Ormara, Balochistan, Pakistan. It bears Mohammad Ali Jinnah's name, who founded Pakistan. It is the second-largest naval base in Pakistan.

Cadet College Ormara

Cadet College Ormara. The historical city of Ormara, a Balochistan port city on the Makran Coast, is home to the PN Cadet College Ormara. It is situated 230 km east of Gwadar Port City and 360 km west of Karachi (about a 5-hour journey from Karachi).


PNS Darmaan Jah Hospital

Located in Ormara, Balochistan Province, the Pakistan Naval Station Darmaan Jah Hospital is a naval medical centre and hospital. On September 12, 2011, Admiral Noman Bashir, Chief of Naval Staff, officially opened Ormara's first hospital facility.  

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