Banana Benefits for Health

Banana benefits are unlimited few are listed below:

1. ​Bananas are one of the best fruit sources of vitamin B6​

Bananas include vitamin B6, which is easily absorbed by the body, and a medium-sized banana can supply about a fourth of your daily vitamin B6 requirements.

Your body benefits from vitamin B6 in the following ways:

red blood cells are produced,

Carbohydrates and lipids are metabolized and converted into energy.

Amino acid metabolism is a process that involves the breakdown of amino acids.

Remove toxins from your liver and kidneys, as well as

keep your nervous system in good shape

Vitamin B6 is also beneficial to pregnant women since it aids in the development of their unborn child.

2. Bananas are respectable sources of vitamin C

Although you may not identify bananas with vitamin C, a medium-sized banana contains roughly 10% of your daily vitamin C requirements.

Vitamin C aids in:

Protect your body’s cells and tissues from harm.

your body absorbs iron more efficiently,

Collagen is a protein produced by your body that keeps your skin, bones, and body together.

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3. Manganese in bananas is good for your skin, Health benefit of banana

One medium banana offers about a third of your daily manganese requirements. Manganese aids in the production of collagen and helps to protect your skin and other cells from free radical damage.

4. Potassium in bananas is good for your heart health and blood pressure

A medium banana has roughly 320-400 mg of potassium, which is about 10% of your daily potassium need.

Potassium aids in the maintenance of a healthy heart and blood pressure in the body. Bananas also have a low salt content. The combination of low sodium and high potassium helps to regulate high blood pressure.

5. Bananas can aid digestion and help beat gastrointestinal issues

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A medium banana provides about 10% to 12% of your daily fibre requirements. The Singapore Health Promotion Board recommends that women consume 20 grammes of dietary fibre per day and men consume 26 grammes.

Fibres, both soluble and insoluble, are crucial for your health. Soluble fibre aids in the regulation of blood sugar levels and the elimination of fatty compounds such as cholesterol. Insoluble fibre gives stools more weight and softness, making it simpler to maintain regular bowel motions. This keeps your gut healthy and free of dangerous germs.

6. Bananas give you energy – minus the fats and cholesterol​

One of the health benefits of bananas is to give energy. Bananas have three natural sugars: sucrose, fructose, and glucose, which provide fat-free and cholesterol-free energy. As a result, bananas are perfect for breakfast, a lunchtime snack, or before and after sports, especially for children and athletes.

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