Best courier service in Pakistan

What is the best courier service in Pakistan?

Best courier service Pakistan Online shopping has grown more commonplace due to how the Internet has transformed our way of life. however, modern firms have very different needs than those of older ones. Top companies’ virtual stores or online retailers are aware of their customers’ needs. The contemporary consumer like to purchase from the convenience of their home and obtain the desired item AS SOON AS POSSIBLE with the highest level of security and effectiveness! how will that go place?

There are also international courier services in Pakistan that essentially provide global shipping, which was a game-changer because there was previously no means to transport anything—important or otherwise—abroad. It would be necessary to ask someone traveling abroad to bring the requested items to the person who resides abroad, and this sounds incredibly challenging. With the advent of international shipping, consumers no longer have to go through the bother of sending even one item to a loved one living overseas. We’ll discuss a few of Pakistan’s best local courier services in this article.

Here are the top 10 courier services in Pakistan that may assist grow your online business and are among the least expensive in the country. Other than that, you might find them helpful to deliver anything whenever you want anywhere in the world! You will definitely receive favorable reviews if you choose to use these delivery services for your packages.

1- Pakistan Post

5 Best Courier Services In Pakistan

Pakistan Post no doubt is the most significant. Pakistan Post, which is run by the government, is not only trustworthy and effective but also reasonably priced. Any location in Pakistan can receive your package for a reasonable price, both domestically and internationally.

Pakistan Post has a wide range of other duties in addition to acting as a conduit for communication between individuals and organizations. In order to keep up with the fast-changing communications market, Pakistan Post places an emphasis on using modern communication and information technology to expand beyond what is typically viewed as its core postal activity. Pakistan Post is committed to giving customers affordable, prompt, and secure delivery of mail, money, and materials to their addresses.

2 – PIA SpeedeX

5 Best Courier Services In Pakistan

In 2003, Pakistan International Airlines founded the SpeedeX courier service company, which quickly advanced and is now providing high-end courier services to about 70 cities throughout Pakistan while ensuring quality and security. Within Pakistan, it is the cheapest courier service to use.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) courier service is called SpeedeX. In Pakistan, a rapidly expanding business called SpeedeX now provides both domestic and international courier services. With the help of its vast network, couriers of all shapes and sizes are promptly and securely delivered to your door. SpeedeX has all three things you’re seeking dependability, price, and quick delivery. Additionally, SpeedeX provides a variety of configurable alternatives for courier delivery. Click on this website for more information on SpeedeX and to track your package.

3 – DHL – Top Quality Courier Service Provider

5 Best Courier Services In Pakistan

The most well-known delivery service provider globally is DHL, a worldwide courier corporation. DHL intends to offer international express delivery, international freight forwarding by air, sea, road, and rail, warehousing solutions from packing to repairs to storage, international mail delivery, and other tailored logistic services.

A German-based courier business with a Pakistani branch is DHL Express. There is no denying the fact that DHL Express is a well-known service with operations in many different nations of the world. They are offering the greatest services in nearly 200 nations, which speaks volumes about how dedicated they are to their profession. Customers love that DHL Express packages usually arrive on time, and this, along with many other aspects, is one of the main reasons why DHL Express is growing so quickly throughout the world.

4- FedEx Express

Cheapest, Most Trusted Delivery Companies In Pakistan

When it comes to courier services, FedEx is the industry powerhouse worldwide. It is the most widely used international courier service, operating in almost 220 nations. FedEx is the most dependable, but also priciest, option for shipping your packages, but the quality is guaranteed.

Like the other two courier services listed above, FedEx was founded in 1973 and offers courier services. FedEx is one of the oldest and most well-known logistics and courier businesses in Pakistan. They provide their services not just in Pakistan but also abroad. FedEx is the company you should use if you need to send something abroad. International shipping is their main area of interest.

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Cheapest, Most Trusted Delivery Companies In Pakistan

M&P comes in second after FedEx which is at the top among the best courier services. In Pakistan, they have more than 500 courier centers, 1,370 service locations, and 258 ship facilities that are approved by FedEx. They are an excellent choice to meet your domestic courier needs because of their passion for delivering excellence. They deliver it all so well with a self-owned aircraft, staff, vans, bikes, and offices all over Pakistan.

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6 – TCS Courier Service


The best, most affordable, and most reliable courier service in Pakistan for both domestic and international deliveries is TCS. TCS has operations in more than 220 nations, serving more than 3,500 destinations worldwide. You can rely on TCS to deliver anything, anywhere, inside or outside of Pakistan, whether it’s for business purposes or as a gift for a loved one. Even within Pakistan, it provides same-day delivery.

TCS has been given the task of delivering machine-readable passports (MRPs) as well as the filing and delivery of visa applications by government organizations and embassies. TCS also still conducts business with UPS. Users can track their orders online as well.

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7 – Leopards Courier

Leopards courier

Considered to be the second-largest courier service in Pakistan is Leopards Courier Services. With more than 1500 service locations and 2200 international destinations, Leopards is the fastest-growing courier service in Pakistan. In all of Pakistan, it provides same-day and overnight delivery.

Visit their website to experience the fastest courier service for deliveries within Pakistan and track your courier packages.

We currently use Leopards Postal Service, the only courier service in Pakistan, almost everywhere. At least once every week, if not daily, you’ll see a bike or vehicle with the Leopards’ Messenger logo on it. They are completely ubiquitous to the extent that they are.

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8 – DCS

The greatest local and national courier service is offered by DCS Couriers to its many clients at competitive pricing. Fast, dependable, time-definite express delivery on a global scale is what DCS, an international company, offers. It also provides expedited surface and air charter delivery of time-critical freight shipments, business-to-business ground small-package delivery, expedited overnight delivery, freight services, customs clearance, and integrated information and logistic solutions.

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9 – APX Courier Service Pakistan

Cheapest, Most Trusted Delivery Companies In Pakistan

Asian Pacific Express was founded in 1990 and has at least 25 years of experience managing its extensive network and key ties to businesses in the United Kingdom, the United States, Dubai, the Far East, and everywhere else in the world. Shipping packages internationally with DHL, FedEx, TNT, and other service providers are very affordable with APX.

Since its founding in 1990, Asian Pacific Express has offered door-to-door courier services all around the world. In Pakistan and throughout the world, APX is a very well-known and well-liked courier and logistics business. At the most affordable prices, they provide quick and dependable courier service. Additionally, they offer third-day express, overnight express, same-day express, etc. They provide services such as cargo freight, international travel, and domestic travel, among others.

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10 – PCL Courier Service Pakistan

cheap courier service in Pakistan

A very innovative and energetic express courier business is Paradise Courier & Logistics (PCL). That is renowned for its high-quality delivery services and guarantees that your urgent and significant shipments arrive at their destination promptly, reliably, and with a full tracking system.

11 – BlueEX Courier Service Pakistan

Blue Ex

BlueEx Courier is the best in its class when it comes to moving your belongings from one place to another, and they are adept at handling your COD shipments. The dedicated team at BlueEx is scattered all over the country, making sure that orders are delivered on time and that clients’ expectations are met. Visit their website for the most dependable local and international courier service.

12 – CallCourier


CallCourier was founded in 2003 with the intention of offering customized solutions to its clients. It is a part of the Excel Group of Companies and offers services in three different categories: overseas delivery, e-commerce solutions, and cash-on-delivery services within Pakistan. CallCourier is the go-to website for everyone looking for reasonably priced courier services, whether they are business owners or regular people. Additionally, it provides same-day delivery and keeps you informed through SMS, notifications, and package tracking on the web and mobile. The business is devoted to improving courier services in Pakistan under the tagline “Smart COD.”


People search for the cheapest courier services in Pakistan and the cheapest international courier services in Pakistan. They also want to know about the courier services in Pakistan rates, which are the reliable international courier services in Pakistan and international courier services in Pakistan rates, They also search for the courier services in their own cities like “courier services in Karachi”.  Local courier services in Pakistan are providing courier services but these are not up the standard still they are working to cater to the local and international demand.

Which courier service is best in Pakistan for international postage including DHL, TCS is also providing international services, and Pakistan Post is also not behind in rendering international postage. Besides these famous brands, there are multiple small companies that are working internationally.

Among the Courier service providers in Pakistan, there are many cheap courier services in Pakistan, people also search that which is the best courier service in Pakistan


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