How many commemorative coins are there?

How many commemorative coins are there

How many commemorative coins are there?

As of January 28, 2024, there are a total of 23 officially-issued commemorative coins in Pakistan. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) meticulously maintains a comprehensive list of these coins on its official website, providing details such as denomination, issue date, and a brief description of each coin. This official list serves as a valuable resource for enthusiasts and collectors alike, offering insights into the rich tapestry of Pakistan’s commemorative coinage.

To access the detailed catalog of commemorative coins issued by the SBP, interested individuals can visit the dedicated page on the official SBP website: This webpage functions as a repository of information, allowing users to explore the various coins that have been released by the central bank over the years.

Among the noteworthy examples of commemorative coins listed, one can find a 500-rupee gold coin issued in 1977 to celebrate the birth anniversary of Allama Iqbal. This coin not only holds monetary value but also serves as a tangible homage to the revered poet and philosopher. Additionally, the collection includes 100-rupee coins released in 1976 and 1977 to mark the birth anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam, further commemorating the pivotal figure in Pakistan’s history.

A distinctive addition to the commemorative coin lineup is the 25-rupee coin issued in 2014, specifically crafted to honor the Golden Jubilee of the Pakistan Navy Submarine Force. This coin stands as a testament to the nation’s maritime achievements and the dedication of its naval forces.

Furthermore, the list features 50-rupee coins issued in 2017 and 2018, paying tribute to individuals who made significant contributions to society. The 2017 coin is dedicated to Abdul Sattar Edhi, a philanthropist known for his humanitarian work, while the 2018 coin commemorates Dr. Ruth Pfau, a beacon of selflessness in her efforts to combat leprosy in Pakistan.

It is crucial to emphasize that the aforementioned count of 23 coins pertains specifically to those officially released by the State Bank of Pakistan. While unofficial or privately issued commemorative coins may circulate, the SBP’s list serves as the authoritative reference for authenticated releases.


Commemorative Coins


Denomination Issue Date Description
50 12/22/1976 Birth Anniversary of Quaid-E-Azam
100 02/22/1977 Birth Anniversary of Quaid-E-Azam
500 02/22/1977 Birth Anniversary of Quaid-E-Azam
100 05/09/1977 Wild Life Conservation Day
150 05/09/1977 Wild Life Conservation Day
3000 05/09/1977 Wild Life Conservation Day
500 12/08/1977 Birth Anniversary of Allama Iqbal
100 12/08/1977 Birth Anniversary of Allama Iqbal
1 10/16/1982 FAO World Food Day
5 01/29/1996 50th Anniversary of the United Nations
10 08/13/1998 Silver Jubilee of Senate
10 07/31/2003 Madre-E-Millat Mohtrama Fatima Jinnah
10 12/26/2008 First Death Anniversary of Banazir Bhutto
10 10/01/2009 60th Anniversary of China
20 05/21/2011 60th Anniversary of Pak-China Friendship
20 05/28/2011 150-year celebrations of Lawrence College
25 06/02/2014 Golden Jubilee of Pakistan Navy Submarine Force
20 01/31/2015 Pak China Year of Friendly Exchange 2015
20 03/16/2015 100 years of Glory of Islamia College Peshawar
50 03/31/2017 Abdul Sattar Edhi
50 05/08/2018 Dr. Ruth Pfau
50 10/17/2018 200th Birth Anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan
50 12/10/2018 International Anti-Corruption Day

In conclusion, the world of commemorative coins in Pakistan is a fascinating blend of historical milestones, cultural celebrations, and tributes to influential personalities. The State Bank of Pakistan’s commitment to documenting and presenting this numismatic legacy on its website ensures accessibility and transparency for those interested in exploring the diverse array of coins that contribute to the country’s rich numismatic heritage. If you have any further inquiries or require additional information, feel free to reach out.

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