How to check Jazz package expiry date?

How to check Jazz package expiry date

How to check Jazz package expiry date? If you’re a Jazz subscriber and are wondering about the expiry date of your package, there are convenient ways to check it. One method is to use the specific code provided by Jazz for this purpose. To check the expiry date of your Jazz package, simply dial the designated code on your mobile device. Whether you have a monthly or weekly package, this code is universal for checking the validity period. Additionally, if you’re using a Jazz internet package, you can employ the same code to find out when your data plan will expire. This streamlined approach ensures that you stay informed about your package status, helping you manage your usage efficiently. Stay connected with Jazz, and easily keep track of your package expiry dates by utilizing the dedicated code designed for this purpose.

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Various methods exist for verifying the expiration date of your Jazz package

Utilizing Dial Codes

For general package information, dial *444# and choose “My Offers Information” or “Prepaid Package Plan.” This will present details on all your active packages, encompassing their respective expiration dates. For Specific Package Info, specific dial codes are designated for certain packages. Discover these codes on the Jazz website or by reaching out to their customer service helpline at 111.

Leveraging the Jazz App

Download the Jazz World app and authenticate with your SIM number. The app will furnish a dashboard featuring your account information, inclusive of your prevailing packages and their expiration dates.


Access your Jazz account on their website (https://jazz.com.pk/) and peruse your package particulars along with their expiration dates.

Examining Usage Details

Dial *7050# to obtain a comprehensive breakdown of your recent call, SMS, and data usage. This facilitates estimating the remaining quota of your package before its expiration.

Customer Service

Should you encounter difficulties checking your package expiry date, communicate with Jazz customer service by dialing their helpline at 111. They are equipped to furnish the requisite information.

Crucial Considerations

The typical expiration time for Jazz packages is midnight on the last day of the validity period. Certain packages may feature distinct expiration dates for diverse components, such as minutes, SMS, and data. Ensure that you check the expiration date corresponding to the particular package of interest.

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