How to check Ufone package?

how to check ufone package

How to check Ufone package? If you’re a Ufone user and wish to stay informed about your package, there are several convenient methods to obtain the necessary information. To inquire about your current package status and specifics, you can easily access the details by dialing the specified USSD codes provided by Ufone. For example, to retrieve your remaining balance, simply dial the appropriate code to swiftly check Ufone package balance.

For those keen on managing their data usage, Ufone offers dedicated codes to access information about their internet package. If you’re on a weekly data plan and want to know how much data remains, utilize the designated code for checking remaining MBS in Ufone weekly package. This allows you to keep a close eye on your usage patterns and avoid unexpected charges.

Furthermore, if you want a comprehensive view of your package utilization, Ufone provides specific codes to check remaining package details, encompassing voice minutes, SMS, and data allowances. This ensures that you can easily keep track of your remaining resources.

In addition to monitoring overall package usage, Ufone users can also obtain information about their data package. To check details like validity, remaining data, or any other specifics about your current data plan, simply use the designated code for checking Ufone data package details. This user-friendly approach empowers Ufone customers to efficiently manage and monitor their usage.

Verifying your Ufone package details and checking the remaining resources is a straightforward process. Various methods are available for your convenience:

  1. Dialing USSD Codes

    • For general package information, including remaining minutes, SMS, and internet MBs, dial *984#.
    • Super Card Specific
      • To check the remaining resources for Super Card Family bundles (Gold, Max, Plus, Mini, Super Minutes, and Super Internet), dial *706#.
      • For status and expiry details, dial 132bundle code# (replace “bundle code” with the specific code for your Super Card, e.g., 132GOL# for Super Card Gold).
      • To inquire about Internet packages, dial *190# for data bundles or *567# for Ufone Internet packages.
      • To check your balance and package validity, dial *135#.
  2. My Ufone App

    • Download and install the My Ufone App for free.
    • Log in with your mobile number and Ufone PIN.
    • On the home screen, view details of your current bundle, including remaining resources and expiry date.
    • For more detailed information, navigate to the “Current Bundles” tab under the Usage section.
  3. Website

    • Visit the Ufone website at https://www.ufone.com/.
    • Click on “My Ufone” and log in with your credentials.
    • Find your package details and remaining resources under the “Usage” section.
  4. Customer Care

    • Contact Ufone customer care at 333 from your Ufone number or 0334-333-333 from any other network.
    • They can provide you with detailed information about your package and remaining resources.

Additional Tips

  • When using the 132bundle code# USSD code, replace “bundle code” with the specific code for your Super Card.
  • Find the specific code for your Super Card or other data bundle on the Ufone website or in the My Ufone App.
  • If you’re uncertain about your package details, dial *984# for a general overview.

I trust this information is helpful. Feel free to reach out if you have any further inquiries.

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