On Saturday Night Live, Japanese Breakfast plays “Be Sweet” and “Paprika.”

Tonight was the final episode of Saturday Night Live, which gave Japanese Breakfast a chance to shine as the musical guest.

What makes Lorne Michaels and the producers’ decision so intriguing is that for many viewers, tonight’s broadcast will be their first exposure to the pop group fronted by Michelle Zauner. Tonight’s opening song was “Be Sweet,” a new tune released earlier this year. It was evident almost immediately why they were chosen for the finale. The music is often cheerful, and we believe the event tonight was aiming for a pleasant, festive vibe. It was Natasha Lyonne’s first time hosting, as well as the final show for a number of cast members.

The thing that struck us the most as spectators was how enthusiastic Zauner appeared to be on stage. We adore our hosts and musical guests who truly appreciate the importance of being on the show. Also, folks who are completely committed! As someone who wasn’t familiar with the band’s work going into the gig today, we couldn’t ask for anything more than this opening performance.

The second tune… This one was a little slower, but it was suitable for the time of night. The event ended with melancholy, which makes sense given the goodbyes we witnessed throughout the night.

Paprika” is one of the most unusual songs we’ve heard on the show over the years, particularly in terms of instrumentation. During the chorus, there were horns, keyboards, and even a gong.

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