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Jubilee Life Insurance

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Jubilee Life Insurance

Jubilee Life Insurance

Jubilee Life Insurance is a brand that is associated with happiness, and for good reason. They offer affordable health insurance services with uncomplicated terms and conditions, making them a popular choice for the general public. Their clients can choose from a variety of insurance plans, including individual life insurance, bancassurance, micro-insurance, insurance for companies, and web-based protection that complies with Sharia laws. Individual life insurance allows you to set aside funds for your child’s future needs, such as education, healthcare, and marriage. Bancassurance is a one-stop shop for all your banking, insurance, and financial needs. Micro-insurance is an insurance policy that is specifically designed to cater to the needs of underprivileged individuals. Insurance for companies is a policy that is tailored to the corporate world. Lastly, web-based protection that complies with sharia laws is also available.

Jubilee Life Insurance Company Limited was established as a public limited company in Pakistan on June 29, 1995, according to the Companies Ordinance, 1984. The Company’s shares are quoted on the Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited. On June 20, 1996, the Company officially commenced its operations. The Company’s registered office is located at 26-D, 3rd floor, Kashmir Plaza, Jinnah Avenue, Blue Area, Islamabad, while its principal office is located at Jubilee Life Insurance Building, 74/1-A, Lalazar, M. T. Khan Road, Karachi.


Jubilee Life Insurance. The Company operates a non-participating life insurance business. The Company has established the following statutory funds in relation to each class of its life insurance business in compliance with the requirements of the Insurance Ordinance, 2000:

  • Individual Life Unit Linked
  • Conventional Business
  • Accident and Health
  • Overseas Group Life and Health Business
  • Window Takaful Operations

JCR-VIS Credit Rating Co. Ltd. has given Jubilee Life an Insurer Financial Strength (IFS) rating of “AA+” (Double A Plus) with a “Stable” outlook. The Company is a division of Switzerland-based Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development S.A.

Jubilee Life Insurance

After extensive investigation, Jubilee Life Insurance was picked as the new name. In the financial services industry, the word “Jubilee” is already well-known and is linked to “Happiness,” which is closely related to our line of work. To keep you and your loved ones happy at all times, we consequently made the decision to give you the assurance of our substantial market presence together with a pledge to assist you in planning and achieving your financial goals. We will provide you with world-class services and solutions to your financial demands with a global brand.



Jubilee Life Insurance: What do you think those two words mean? Do they lead you to believe that you will be making payments for the rest of your life in the vain hope that your family will be taken care of should the worst happen? We won’t lie to you, I suppose. That is a component of life insurance. But it’s a very small portion of what we do at Jubilee Life Insurance, and it’s only a part.


The first time a parent held their child is something they will never forget. A life that depends on you for love, acceptance, and most importantly, support suddenly comes into focus, and you realize that you are no longer living only for yourself. A stable future is the greatest gift we can give our kids, and education is the key to that future. Our child education programs are specifically designed to provide you with the key and open the door to a better future for your kids.
Jubilee Life Insurance
Children are the most significant aspect of our lives as parents. It makes sense that we would want to provide our kids with the best education and the most fulfilling lives imaginable. These aspirations are pricey, so cautious budgeting is necessary. The baby steps you take today to provide your child with the best education will pave the way for a bright future, just as your child learns to walk by taking little steps. Your children’s and your own dreams will come true thanks to EduSmart.


A parent can never fully express how happy they are to see their child married. Whether it’s the joy of watching your daughter begin a new life with her husband or the satisfaction of witnessing your son bring home a bride. The wedding of your children’s dreams, however, necessitates extensive, meticulous financial planning. Jubilee Life Insurance is available to assist in making that task simpler.

jubilee life insurance


The marriage of your daughter is one of your biggest duties as a father. You wish for your daughter’s future to be prosperous. To make sure that your daughter’s marriage and other demands are met throughout or even after your lifetime, careful financial planning is necessary. Jubilee Life provides you with Walmart, which has the dual benefits of safeguarding the future of your children and enabling them to accumulate enough money over the specified time period to cover the costs of their projected future marriage.


Retirement doesn’t mean the end of your professional career; rather, it marks the start of a brand-new phase of your life, one in which you no longer have to worry about work-related stress or adhere to other people’s schedules and expectations. a life where you may reflect on your efforts and be proud of them. But you can only do that if you have the insight to prepare ahead because, in many circumstances, retirement also involves a loss of income even though it may free you from your daily job routine. With our retirement plans, we now provide a means of guaranteeing a carefree retired life.


jubilee life insurance

You’ve worked hard your entire life; now it’s time to relax and take it easy without stressing about where you’ll get your next paycheck or whether you’ll end up burdening your loved ones. After a lifetime of work, you deserve financial security and peace of mind. Jubilee Life’s unit-linked endowment plan, the “RetireSmart Plan,” enables you to enjoy the results of your labor by assisting with retirement savings.


With inflation eating away at the funds you have worked so hard to collect, having money in the bank is simply not enough anymore. Jubilee Life Insurance offers wealth creation solutions that put your money to work for you, so it doesn’t have to be that way. These plans both shield you from financial shocks and provide you with the protection you require in a world of intricate financial products and unpredictably fluctuating market conditions. We convert your money into smart money in practice.


You might have some urgent intentions for your own or your close ones’ immediate future. It makes complete sense to plan ahead with a savings strategy combined with life insurance coverage. You can contribute regularly to your life insurance plan for eight years with the “Mashal Plan,” a unit-linked endowment plan, and benefit from the savings and security it offers for a longer period of time.

You might have some urgent intentions for your own or your close ones’ immediate future. It makes complete sense to plan ahead with a savings strategy combined with life insurance coverage. You can contribute regularly to your life insurance plan for eight years with the “Mashal Plan,” a unit-linked endowment plan, and benefit from the savings and security it offers for a longer period of time.

Jubilee Life Insurance


We frequently forget to make plans for what might happen to our family and loved ones if the unexpected occurs in our drive to give them the greatest life possible. In the event of your passing or severe injury, the last thing you want to do is leave your family in a precarious financial situation. Your loved ones will be secured even if the unthinkable occurs thanks to our life insurance and protection policies.

jubilee life insurance


You value your family greatly; they are your universe, your pride, and your source of joy. Your life has significance because of this unbreakable tie with your loved ones, and you work hard to give them everything you have. In order to secure their future, you must be there for them in both good and bad circumstances, through thick and thin, and in good health. To safeguard them, you need an investing and protection package that has been carefully created to support prudent planning for a secure and comfortable future.


You can never be too certain about the future, particularly when it concerns your health or the welfare of your loved ones. In the modern era, medical and health science advances are happening at an unprecedented rate, making attainable what was formerly only a fantasy. But doing so has come at a price, as rising medical costs make even routine care at a respected hospital unaffordable for the ordinary public. Jubilee Life Insurance offers inexpensive, necessary health plans so you may get top-notch medical care without worrying about the cost. This is done to combat this.


One important sickness that many people wish they would never experience is cancer. In addition to causing mental distress and strain on the entire family, it raises the possibility of a financial emergency. However, there are more cancer cases being recorded on a daily basis. In 2018, roughly 9.6 million people died worldwide as a result of cancer, which is the second biggest cause of death worldwide, according to a World Health Organization report. Approximately 70% of deaths are said to take place in low- and middle-income nations. The high statistics mentioned above are caused by a poor lifestyle combined with stress and worry, but there are other factors as well. Due to the high expense, the majority of individuals cannot afford adequate medical care. of cancer treatment and other medical costs that are expensive to pay after first diagnosis, leading to an increase in fatalities. However, you may prevent this if you make a plan in advance to make sure that a life-threatening illness like cancer won’t wipe out all of your hard-earned money. The “Cancer Protection Plan” from Jubilee Life Insurance is a comprehensive plan that assists in paying cancer-related expenses at a reasonable price so that you and your loved ones can be spared of the impending financial load and concentrate on healing and health.


SMART PROTECTION PLAN; Your mind can be at ease and you can be protected from future difficulties by having financial security. Giving your family the protection and security they need to prosper in this world is the key to financial freedom. The “Smart Safety Plan” from Jubilee Life Insurance strives to give you the advantage of guaranteed protection. This plan’s main goal is to give you steady returns and a maturity bonus while protecting you and your family against unforeseen circumstances.

TAQDEER PLAN; Life is about planning for the future and making wise financial choices while you are still working to protect the security of your family above all else so that you are not caught off guard. The “Taqdeer Plan” from Jubilee Life Insurance is specifically created to provide you with fixed returns and bonus amounts upon maturity within a predetermined period of time, enabling you to be ready to confront any uncertainty. This plan’s objective is to give you the advantages of assured protection and bonus maturation topping off when you keep the policy for the maximum number of years.

AMANAT PLAN; A stable and secure future for you and your loved ones is essential because life is full of ups and downs. Financial stability is the way to achieve this. To assure financial security in the event of any unforeseen calamity, all you need is a plan that will give you consistent and risk-free returns. Jubilee Life Insurance offers you the “Amanat Plan,” which will give you returns for a predetermined amount of time so you may be ready to handle any unforeseen circumstances. The overall goal of this plan is to provide you with advantages like assured protection and maturity to shield you and your family from any unanticipated occurrences.

 Jubilee Life Insurance Plans

Do the words “life insurance” make you feel like you’ll be paying premiums for the rest of your life, just to have some financial protection in case of your death? That’s not the full picture. At Jubilee Life Insurance, we go beyond just end-of-life protection. Our goal is to help you live life to the fullest, by providing you with financial tools that prepare you for all the ups and downs of life. We understand that life is unpredictable and comes with new costs, such as the expenses of getting married or having a child. That’s why we offer various insurance options that help you plan for your children’s weddings and education, and ensure a worry-free retirement, while also protecting you from inflation and other financial shocks. Jubilee Life Insurance is more than just life insurance – it’s a comprehensive approach to financial planning that helps you achieve all your life goals.


Jubilee Life Insurance


What if you could take care of all your banking, insurance, and financial requirements in one place? With Bancassurance, Jubilee Life Insurance has made this possible. So, what exactly is Bancassurance? It is a revolutionary concept that sells various financial products through a single window, turning your local bank branch into a “one-stop-financial-shop,” and making life insurance protection easily accessible to everyone. Jubilee Life Insurance introduced Bancassurance in 2003 and since then, our network of partner institutions has grown steadily due to our advanced offerings and exceptional client care. At our partner bank branches, our licensed and trained insurance advisors are available to provide the highest level of guidance and assistance. Bancassurance gives our partner banks a competitive edge and enables them to cater to the diverse financial needs of their clients.

Jubilee Life Insurance



Pakistan’s poverty rate is currently over 30%, and it’s expected to rise over the next few years. Think about that startling fact for a moment. A single family member’s illness or an unforeseeable calamity might throw their entire household into an eternal cycle of debt and payback. Theirs is life on the edge, one that is unpredictable. The result is that entire generations are held captive by a system in which they have no chance of success. But does that imply that the poor will never be able to anticipate a life in which uncertainty is not the rule? Jubilee Life is dedicated to offering even more financial security than before, in line with our mission of “helping people to overcome uncertainty.” the opportunity for a better tomorrow for society’s most marginalized people. Our ground-breaking microinsurance products, which are based on the concepts of Affordability, Accessibility, Flexibility, and Simplicity, have already given insurance benefits to a hitherto untapped market of more than 1,000,000 people. We offer Credit Life and Savings Completion products with additional benefits like Funeral Expenses in an effort to provide life and health insurance benefits to those who cannot ordinarily afford such facilities. The best part is that this coverage is affordable and can be purchased with manageable premium installments. Jubilee Life has the products to back up our conviction that powerlessness need not accompany poverty.

Jubilee Life Insurance


Aside from the loss of a possible source of income, illness, and hospitalization for the lowest sections of our population also carry the risk of becoming sucked into an unbreakable debt cycle. We are pleased to report that the situation has changed as a result of our Sehat Hifazat plan. A variety of health-related benefits, including inpatient hospitalization, outpatient consultation, maternity care, and antenatal consultation, are covered under our Sehat Hifazat plan.

Jubilee Life Insurance

Jubilee Life Insurance

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Corporate Life Insurance offers a variety of benefits. Employers are required by law to provide it, and the cost of doing so is deducted from the company’s taxable income. Corporate rates are more cost-effective and adaptable than individual plans, and they can even provide your business a competitive edge. This is because your employees will be at ease knowing that, while they are working for your business, their financial future is secure and that, in the tragic event of their death or disability, their families may be eligible for tax-free claims. You will find it much simpler to draw in and keep the best and brightest employees the job market has to offer thanks to the advantages and distinctive features of Jubilee Life’s Corporate Life Insurance.


Group Mortgage Protection

The Group Mortgage Protection plan from Jubilee Life is made to safeguard the borrower from the banks or company in the event that someone who obtained a mortgage through the banks’ or company’s mortgage loan scheme passes away. Jubilee Life will pay the bank or company the outstanding loan balance upon the death of the insured.

Jubilee Life Insurance

Depositor’s Insurance

This plan is intended for bank depositors and account holders. Jubilee Life will pay the beneficiary a sum equal to or greater than the account balance in the event of the decedent’s death.

Credit Shield

Credit Shield was created specifically to offer the bank’s cardholders financial protection. Jubilee Life will pay the cardholder’s remaining balance to the bank under this plan in the event of death or permanent disability.

Disclaimer: The programs mentioned above provide a broad overview of the available perks. Consult our Corporate Insurance Department for further information on the plan’s specifics and eligibility requirements.


A happy workforce is essential to any company’s long-term success because healthy employees are happier employees. Any company’s primary goal is to maximize profits, which can only be accomplished when every person is fully committed to their work. The corporate health insurance coverage from Jubilee Life might offer your business the advantage it needs to achieve that goal.

Nowadays, offering health insurance to employees is a requirement for luring in and keeping qualified people. In fact, the majority of workers consider health insurance as the most significant perk of their employment. This is because, for a variety of reasons, many consumers just do not look for individual health insurance policies. However, most businesses lack the time and resources to manage healthcare on their own, which is where we come in. Jubilee Life can handle all of your staff’s medical needs, from routine hospital visits to serious emergencies. We will handle every stage and make sure that your workforce receives the best medical care possible, sparing you from administrative-offering you the convenience-free peace of mind that only security can provide. As a business owner, health insurance will also lower your out-of-pocket costs for medical care. This is due to the fact that the coverage will be much more extensive and the premiums are likely to be much lower than for individual health expenses reimbursed by the firm.

Jubilee Life Insurance


What if you could give your family financial stability in a matter of minutes at a price you could afford? Jubilee Life Insurance is aware that time is your most valuable resource and that you don’t have much of it to compare different insurance plans. With online access to Jubilee Life Insurance products, you can now get insured in a matter of minutes with only a few mouse clicks. Our online insurance policies offer coverage for accidental death, natural death, accidental disabilities, and accident-related hospitalisations. Let’s stop reading this article now and obtain insurance.


Natural death, accidental disability, and hospitalization due to accidents are also available as optional benefits with Jubilee Life Insurance, in addition to the Accidental Death Benefit. One year from the date of purchase, these policies offer insurance coverage. From the convenience of your home or place of employment, you can purchase these plans using your credit or debit cards.


You have the opportunity to select your own coverage options with Jubilee Accidental Death Benefit, allowing you to secure your family’s future and ensure that they may live comfortably and worry-free even without you. In the event of an accidental death, the Gold Plan will give your nominee a lump sum benefit of Sum Assured (PKR 2,000,000).


Jubilee Accidental Death Benefit gives you the freedom to choose your own coverage so you can safeguard the future of your family and make sure they can live comfortably and worry-free even without you. The Silver Plan will pay your nominee a lump sum benefit of Sum Assured (PKR 1,000,000) in the case of an accidental death.

Family Takaful


A Family Takaful Plan is an arrangement that is based on fundamental Shariah concepts of communal well-being, solidarity, and reciprocal cooperation. Through the pooling of risk on the premise of mutual aid, participants in a Takaful agreement work together to achieve the shared goal of safeguarding one another from financial losses.

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