Prize bond 1500

Prize bond 1500
The 93ND draw of Rs. 1,500/- denomination National Prize Bonds was held on February 15, 2023 (Wednesday) at 9.00 A.M. at State Bank of Pakistan, Banking Services Corporation (Bank), Quetta.

President of the draw:
Mr. Ashiq Hussain Malik, Superintendent (Retd), Balochistan Text Book Board, Quetta presided over the event.

Single common draw:
The draw was held under the system of a single common draw applied to all the issued series.

Total Series:
121 (One Hundred Eighteen) series of Rs. 1,500/- denomination National Prize Bonds currently in circulation, namely series “A” to “EA” sold up to 14-12-2022 were included in the draw.

Withdrawn from circulation
National Prize Bonds bearing Nos. F899873, J749647, AA961120 & PI70632
Moreover, 20,000 pieces of fresh National Prize Bonds of Rs.1500/denomination bearing No. from “AW070001 to AW090000” have not been issued by SBP BSC and as such will not be encashed nor eligible for claiming prize money thereof as intimated vide SBP BSC HOK Letter No.CMD/GSSAD/PBU/PB-94-714 dated 14-05-2014.

The National Prize Bonds having mismatched numbers shall not be eligible for claiming prize money since draws are held subsequent to this Gazette notification.

Total No. of Prizes
There are 1700 prizes in one series. It means that there are 1700 prizes in each 118 series.
Following is the detail of prizes drawn on Rs.1500/- denomination National Prize Bonds: –

121 Prizes of 3000,000 (01 Prize in each series)
363 Prizes of 1000,000 (03 Prizes in each series)
205,216 Prizes of Rs.18,500/- (1696 Prizes in each series)
205,700 Total Prizes. 1700 (Prizes in each series)


The following 1,700 common numbers were drawn amongst numbers 000001 to 999999.

First Number of First Prize of Rs. 3000,000/-

6 2 6 0 1 9

Second Prize of Rs.250.000/-each

1 8 7 5 1 7 5 2 2 4 9 8 9 2 9 6 5 0

A complete list is given below.

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