Saleem Sheikh

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Saleem Sheikh is a Pakistani actor who performs in films and TV. In PTV’s Shama, where he played the younger version of his brother Jawed Sheikh’s character, he made his acting debut. Then he made an appearance in PTV’s kid-friendly plays as a young artist. His most well-known role is that of GC Safeer in the Sunehray Din military played by Shoaib Mansoor. In 1992, Sheikh made his movie debut in Mohabbat Ke Saudagar. When he was cast as Abdul Hameed “Midu” in the 2010 film Anokha Ladla and its follow-ups, his career experienced a revival.  Saleem Sheikh   Saleem Sheikh   


Saleem Sheikh

  • Mohabat Ke Saudagar (1992)
  • Duniya Dus Numberi (1993)
  • Qasam (1993)
  • Chief Saab (1996)
  • Sangam (1997)
  • Yes Boss (1997)
  • Kaheen Pyar Na Hojaye (1998)
  • Dil Sanbhala Na Jaye (1998)
  • Aik Aur Love Story (1999)
  • Yeh Dil Aap Ka Huwa (2002)
  • Khulay Aasman Ke Neechay (2008)

Saleem Sheikh


Year Title Role Network Notes 197 1991 Shama PTV Safer PTV Sune hray Din GC 1998 1998 Raahain Khalid PTV 1998 Paranda PTV Punkh PTV 2002, Kajal Ghar PTV 2002 2004’s Dunya Dari PTV2004 Neela Asman PTV2005’s Sirf Tumhare Liye PTV2006’s Dil Se Dil Tak Makan JafferEntertainment Geo 2007 PTV Home Ye Rah Mushkil 20072007’s Dil Mera Mera Nahi PTV Home 2007 Pyar Main PTV Home PTV Home Paglay Yahein Abdul Hameed “Midu” PTV Home, Anokha Ladla (Season 1), 20112012TV station Bilqees KaurFarooq 2012 Abdul Hameed “Midu” PTV Home Anokha Ladla (Season 2)Season Three of Anokha Ladla (2013) Abdul Hameed “Midu” PTV Home 2015 2015 Maan Nadeem Hum TV Baghair Tere 2016 Nisar Hum TVThe Babul Ka Angna 2016 Geo Entertainment (2016) Nautanki Family PTV Home 2017 Laaj Dilawar Hum TV2017 Adhi Gawahi FaizanHum TV SilaSi Kander Dar Si Jaati Hum TV 2018In 2018, Aapko Kya Takleef HaiNasirBol2022: Hoor Pari NajeebA-Plus TV 2023 Wabaal Shakir Hum TV TV channel Fairy Tale Pasha Sahib.

Saleem Sheikh

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