Sea of Thieves: Lost Sands, the fourth limited-time adventure, is now available.

The “fate of Golden Sands Outpost hangs in the balance” in Rare’s fourth time-limited adventure, Sea of Thieves Lost Sands, which launched today. There are many courses to take in this quest, with the option to either help rebuild the Outpost or sentence it to an eternity in the ethereal mist.

The side with the most support at the end of the Adventure will decide the fate of Golden Sands in Sea of Thieves, so think carefully about your decisions! Do you want the Outpost to be rebuilt to its former glory, or would you want to keep it in ruins as a tactical move or a testimony to Captain Flameheart’s power?

Players have given a preview of the present condition of play in the cinematic opening trailer, as they have in prior Adventures.

Merrick’s passion for action and adventure was reignited with the dramatic finale of ‘The Shrouded Deep,’ and he has now set his sights on restoring Golden Sands Outpost, which was abandoned at the start of the first adventure, “Shrouded Islands.” Even as Merrick strives to unite the island’s residents, a sinister threat lurks in the shadows. The Servant of the Flame is hell-bent on keeping the Outpost in ruins, so he gathers his forces and plots sabotage.

Will you be tempted by Merrick’s zeal and follow Hunter’s Path, assisting him in locating critical supplies in order to return Golden Sands to its previous trade glory? Or will you follow the Servant’s Path, smuggling Relic Caches to the Reapers with Soulflame Rowboats and plotting to keep the island hidden?

Even if you are not actively involved in the Adventure, you can have an impact on the future of Golden Sands. Anyone can help with the reconstruction by sending essential materials to Merrick and interrupting the Servant of the Flame’s supply routes. Until the Adventure’s conclusion on June 9th, 2022, any small move could tip the scales.

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