Prize bond

prize bond

Prize bond: In Pakistan, the government issues lottery bonds called “prize bonds,” which entitle their holders to participate in a regular drawing for the chance to win cash prizes Prize bondholders see these bonds as an investment opportunity, but in actuality, these are savings, not investments. The prize bond scheme is designed to encourage saving… Continue reading Prize bond

Bonds Prize

پاکستان میں 1500 کے پرائز بانڈز پر کتنا ٹیکس ہے؟

Bonds prize: Bonds Prize How much tax on prize bond is in Pakistan? In Pakistan, the tax on prize bonds varies depending on the Filer and non-filers status. The prize bond tax deduction rate for filer is 15% and prize bond tax deduction rate for nonfilers is 30%.   However, if the prize bond holder… Continue reading Bonds Prize