Imran Khan Pic

Imran Khan Pic Imran Khan is a prominent Pakistani politician, former international cricketer, and philanthropist. , here’s some key information about him: Early Life and Cricket Career: Imran Khan was born on October 5, 1952, in Lahore, Pakistan. He gained international fame as a cricket player. He captained the Pakistan national cricket team to victory… Continue reading Imran Khan Pic

Imran Khan Sons

Imran Khan Sons Imran Khan, the former cricketer and Prime Minister of Pakistan, has two sons: Sulaiman Isa Khan: Sulaiman is Imran Khan’s eldest son from his marriage to Jemima Goldsmith (formerly Jemima Khan). He was born on November 18, 1996. After his parents’ divorce, Sulaiman primarily lived with his mother, Jemima, in the United… Continue reading Imran Khan Sons

Imran Khan Birthday Date

Imran Khan Birthday Date :  October 5, 1952 A bird a view about Imran Khan`s life Khan, an Oxford graduate who was born into a Niazi Pashtun family in Lahore, attended Keble College. In a 1971 Test series against England, he made his debut in international cricket. Khan was a member of the squad from… Continue reading Imran Khan Birthday Date