Shoes Exporters in Pakistan

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan. We discuss the top shoe and footwear producers in Pakistan in this article. Their products are divided into three categories: women’s shoes, formal/leather/safety shoes, and casual shoes/sneakers. Numerous providers are entering the industry to benefit from the exponential growth of the global footwear market. In actuality, a CAGR of 4.6% is… Continue reading Shoes Exporters in Pakistan

Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association

Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers AssociationThe Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA) is a trade association that represents the footwear industry in Pakistan. The organization is made up of manufacturers and suppliers of footwear, as well as related businesses such as leather goods, chemicals, and machinery. The PFMA’s mission is to promote and support the growth of the… Continue reading Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association

Challenges Faced by the Footwear Industry

Challenges faced by the footwear industry and hardships faced by the handmade footwear Sector in Pakistan article by KHeRi Footwear One of the major areas that contribute to the prosperity of the nation is the handmade footwear industry. On the other hand, it not only enables many individuals to work for themselves, but it also… Continue reading Challenges Faced by the Footwear Industry