The cause of the deaths of three US citizens at Sandals in the Bahamas has been uncovered.

After suspicions of ‘faulty air conditioning’ in their villas, carbon monoxide ‘killed three Americans at Sandals resort in the Bahamas,’ while families are still waiting for a private US autopsy.

Tourist Deaths in the Bahamas

Michael Phillips, 68, Robbie Phillips, 65, and Vincent Chiarella, 64, all of Tennessee, were discovered dead. Inside neighbouring residences on May 6.Donnis, Vincent’s 65-year-old wife, was last reported to be in good health and recovering well at a Miami hospital.The relatives are still waiting for a private test in the United States by a pathologist.

Sandals Bahamas Deaths Update

Carbon monoxide poisoning was judged to be the cause of death, according to a pathologist’s report released today.Several recent reviewers claimed to have seen bugs in rooms, and one hypothesised that air conditioning problems may have resulted in Freon poisoning.

The Nassau Guardian stated that all three had sought medical attention while staying at the resort.

Sandals declined to comment on the likelihood of food poisoning, referring to a previous statement.

According to TripAdvisor reviews, the property has recently fallen into disrepair.

Michael T. filed a review on May 8, just days after the incident, stating that he had already scheduled a trip to the resort after having a good time last year.

The second journey, on the other hand, was quite different.

‘What we saw was a resort that was in disarray and severely understaffed,’ Michael wrote. ‘There was no air conditioning, no plumbing, no towels, new and badly qualified employees, and overworked staff.’ We had to deal with the deaths of three guests and the wounding of a fourth. It was impossible to relax in these circumstances, to say the least.’

He also stated that he “cannot see myself returning to the resort anytime soon.”

Cameron H. commented on the event, saying, “The resort did nothing to soothe their visitors or even let them know they were safe.”

They also stated that the resort required extensive renovations and that the food was “terrible.”

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