Top 10 insurance companies in Pakistan

Top 10 insurance companies in Pakistan 

Top 10 insurance companies in pakistan

How many insurance companies are in Pakistan?

People often ask that how many insurance companies in Pakistan, although the fixed number is not known almost there are 20 to 30 insurance companies in Pakistan. State LifeState Life is one of the top insurance companies in Pakistan. The state is considered the biggest insurance company in Pakistan. Efu is also among the top ten insurance companies in Pakistan.

List of insurance companies

I. Public sector Insurance Companies

1 National Insurance Corporation
2 Pakistan Reinsurance Company Ltd.
3 Postal Life Insurance
4 State Life Insurance Corporation Ltd.

II Private Sector Insurance Companies

a) Incorporated in Pakistan

1 Adamjee Insurance Company Ltd.
2 Agro General Insurance Company Ltd.
3 Allianz EFU Health Insurance Company Ltd.
4 Alpha Insurance Company Ltd.
5 Amercian Life Insurance Company Ltd.
6 Asia Insurance Company Ltd.
7 Asian Mutual Insurance Company Ltd.
8 Askari General Insurance Company Ltd.
9 Beema Insurance Company Ltd.
10 Business & Industrial Insurance Company Ltd.
11 Capital Insurance Company Ltd.
12 Central Insurance Company Ltd.
13 Century Insurance Company Ltd.
14 Commercial Union Life Assurance Company
15 Co-operative Insurance Society of Pakistan Ltd.
16 Credit Insurance Company Ltd.
17 Crescent Star Insurance Company Ltd.
18 Dadabhoy Insurance Company Ltd.
19 Delta Insurance Company Ltd.
20 E.F.U.General Insurance Company Ltd.
21 E.F.U.Life Insurance Company Ltd.
22 East West Insurance Company Ltd.
23 Excel Insurance Company Ltd.
24 Gulf Insurance Company Ltd.
25 Habib Insurance Company Ltd.
26 Indus International Insurance Company Ltd.
27 International General Insurance Co. of
Pakistan Ltd.
28 Ittefaq General Insurance Company Ltd.
29 Jupiter Insurance Company Ltd.
30 Metropoliton Life Assurance Company Ltd.
31 Muslim Insurance Company Ltd.
32 National General Insurance Company Ltd.
33 New Jubilee Insurance Comapny Ltd.
34 North Star Insurance Company Ltd.
35 Orient Insurance Company Ltd.
36 Pakistan General Insurance Company Ltd.
37 Pakistan Guarantee Insurance Company Ltd.
38 Pakistan Mutual Insurance Company Ltd.
39 Platinum Insurance Company Ltd.
40 Premier Insurance Company Ltd.
41 Prime Insurance Company Ltd.
42 Raja Insurance Company Ltd.
43 Reliance Insurance Company Ltd.
44 Seafield Insurance Company Ltd.
45 Security General Insurance Company Ltd.
46 Shaheen Insurance Company Ltd.
47 Sliver Star Insurance Company Ltd.
48 Union Insurance Company of Pakistan Ltd.
49 United Insurance Company of Pakistan Ltd.
50 Universal Insurance Company Ltd.

b) Incorporated abroad

1 ACE Insurance Aid Pacific Ltd.
2 CGU Assurance Company Ltd.
3 New Hampshire Insurance Company Ltd.
4 New Zealand Insurance Company Ltd.
5 Royal & Sun Alliance Assurance plc.

Here are the insurance companies in Pakistan list

Types of Insurance in Pakistan

  • Property Insurance.
  • Fire Insurance.
  • Liability Insurance.
  • Guarantee Insurance.
  • Social Insurance.
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Car Insurance

Top insurance companies in Pakistan

top ten insurance companies in Pakistan,

biggest insurance company in Pakistan


Top Insurance Companies in Pakistan Protecting you from Losses

We should always be aware of the unpredictability of life. We frequently go through events that we had not planned for, and most of the time we find it difficult to deal with them because we were unaware of them or had not made plans for them. There is a lot of stress there! We encourage you to purchase financial security in the form of insurance in order to protect yourself against emotional and financial misery. The key elements of insurance will all be covered in this article. This article is for you if you require information on Pakistani insurance providers. Top 10 insurance companies in Pakistan


But, Why all the Hype about Insurance Companies?

Particularly in South Asia, the idea of insurance is becoming more and more commonplace. People in Pakistan are wary and frequently uninformed about insurance. In today’s quick-paced and unpredictable world, it is essential to understand insurance from top to bottom. In essence, insurance is a strategy for transferring or reducing personal risk. When you get insurance, you are really giving the insurance companies responsible for your loss (under certain terms and conditions). By distributing the risk among several persons or businesses, the companies further reduce it. These people pay a premium (a predetermined sum of money) that will be applied to your loss as a result of various occurrences including fire, accident, disease, or death. Depending on your needs and preferences, several insurance firms offer a variety of insurance. Principal forms of insurance include:

But, Why should I get Insurance?

So let’s be clear: Insurance ultimately offers security. Life is unpredictable, as I’ve said before. You never know when you’ll need financial assistance. Get yourself covered rather than relying on friends and family or taking out loans. A few of the biggest benefits of insurance are:

  • It gives you financial protection i.e. you do not have to rely on external sources for money.
  • It will give you peace of mind and you will not have to worry about the forthcoming.
  • It will allow you to mitigate risk.

There are numerous insurance providers in Pakistan who offer coverage with simple terms and conditions. This page goes into great detail on some of the main insurance providers. So let’s start now

Click here to read more details

Since there are numerous types of insurance, including property insurance, life insurance, fire insurance, liability insurance, guarantee insurance, and social insurance, we’ve compiled a list of the top five insurance providers in Pakistan so that you can do your research before choosing the best option. Pakistan’s top 5 insurance providers. Pakistan’s top 5 insurance firms. There are many agents on the market who praise them all and are eager to provide you with the greatest plans, but the truth is that when it comes to submitting an insurance claim, consumers have difficulties. Before purchasing a policy or committing to any arrangement, it is crucial to research the insurance company’s track record. Researching is crucial and will undoubtedly be advantageous in the long term. regardless of whether you’re looking for personal or medical insurance or insurance first, carefully read the terms and conditions.

Ask all the questions you want because these policies are hard for the average person to grasp and don’t just rely on what the insurance company agent says.

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