footwear industry presentation

Footwear Industry Presentation

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footwear industry presentation The most recent study on the “Footwear Industry” is provided by Market Reports on India. The profile also includes profiles of the top competitors, significant financial data, and an analysis of market competition pressures. – A PPT presentation in PowerPoint

footwear industry presentation Synopsis The BRIC Footwear Industry Profile offers the most important qualitative and quantitative Summary data, including market size (valued between 2011 and 2015 and projected until 2020). The profile includes descriptions of the major competitors as well as analyses of the market’s competitive pressures and significant financial data.

footwear industry presentation

PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Key Findings – Identify the size, growth, key segments, and leading players in the BRIC footwear market to save time conducting entry-level research. – Determine the competitive intensity and, consequently, the market’s attractiveness, using the Five Forces analysis. – Leading company profiles provide information on important footwear market players. Operations and financial results in the BRICs Synopsis An indispensable source of comprehensive data and analysis on the BRIC footwear business. Includes Data on the market’s size and segmentation, as well as textual and graphical analyses of the growth trends and top firms. What was the value of the footwear market in the BRIC countries in 2015? – How big will the BRIC countries’ footwear market be in 2020? What variables influence the level of competitiveness in the BRIC shoe market? – In the past five years, how has the market performed?  Important Highlights The footwear market in the BRIC nations—Brazil, Russian Federation, India, and China—had a combined market value of 79,035.7 million in 2015. These nations are rising and are seeing rapid growth. China experienced the fastest growth, with a CAGR of 11.9 between 2011 and 2015. – China is the market leader among the BRIC countries in the footwear sector, with market revenues of 56,836.3 million in 2015. Russia, Brazil, and India came in second, third, and fourth, respectively, with values of 10,274.2, 6,947.2, and 4,978.1 million. 

Off the Beaten Path Y-Mark Shoes Promotion/Distribution Multiple media marketing Cooperative marketing with our retailers and training initiatives for sales teams at distributors Associations & Partnerships

footwear industry presentation


to pause and enjoy the moment! College and high school students ages 18 to 26 through direct and indirect marketing channels young, active, and health-conscious men and women Professionals under 30 with Upper-mid to middle incomes Numerous extracurricular activities, and likely gym memberships

 Our Recommendations for the Industry Overall

Adapt to the needs of the elderly To capture more of this generation’s market share, footwear prices should be reduced. To preserve brand loyalty among the elder demographic, develop a product line for them. Adapt to a growing global population and produce luxury items to fulfill rising consumer needs Look for alternatives to these emerging countries’ cheaper input prices. larger generations of Americans over 60 less likely than younger generations to exercise Future consumer demand could perhaps decline



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Investment Recommendations

Recommended businesses to invest in: Nike leading business in the sector Increase in contracts with universities as the main vendor for sports departments following NLF’s recent signing of a 5-year contract with Nike through 2019. benefits New Balance fresh agreements with the global soccer market

Strategic Plan

  • Comfortable, sustainable, and innovative footwear
  • lightweight and supportive
  • climate neutral, or self-ventilating
  • durable
  • fashionable
  • Market Analysis Reports
  • Consumer/Dealer Promotions
  • Product Development

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