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Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association

Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers AssociationThe Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA) is a trade association that represents the footwear industry in Pakistan. The organization is made up of manufacturers and suppliers of footwear, as well as related businesses such as leather goods, chemicals, and machinery. The PFMA’s mission is to promote and support the growth of the footwear industry in Pakistan by providing its members with a range of services and resources, including market information, trade fairs, and exhibitions, training and education, and advocacy and representation at the national and international levels. The association works closely with the government, other trade associations, and international organizations to develop and implement policies and programs that support the industry. Its main purpose is to promote and protect the interests of its members, which include manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers of footwear and related products. The organization works to improve the competitiveness of the Pakistani footwear industry and to increase exports of footwear from Pakistan. It also helps its members stay informed about relevant regulations, industry developments, and market trends. Additionally, the association holds seminars, trade fairs, and other events to promote the industry and provide networking opportunities for its members.

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Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association MISSION

 It was established in 1964 to promote the growth and development of the footwear industry in Pakistan and to represent the industry in discussions with the government and other organizations. The association helps member companies by providing information on relevant laws and regulations, promoting their products, and organizing trade fairs and exhibitions. Additionally, it supports the shoemakers by arranging Training & development programs for workers, members, and students. The PFMA also works to improve the image of Pakistan’s footwear industry and promote its products in international markets. The association is dedicated to promoting the growth and development of the industry and works to represent the interests of its members to government, international organizations, and other relevant stakeholders. The PFMA’s activities include organizing trade fairs and exhibitions, lobbying for policy changes to benefit the industry, and providing training and other support to members. The association also plays a role in setting standards and quality control for the industry, as well as promoting the export of Pakistani-made footwear.

The PFMA serves as the business intelligence center for the footwear industry, informing its members of significant regulatory developments and how they may affect their operations. The PFMA is the thinking leader in the footwear industry, coming up with creative answers to problems ranging from product safety requirements to sourcing. The PFMA represents the footwear industry in government agencies and on a global scale, advocating for the repeal of sensible rules that harm the sector and footwear tariffs that raise prices. Regular Circulars and Alerts, Special Reports, direct consultation, workshops, ongoing education programs, and advocacy campaigns are just a few of the ways that PFMA carries out its mandate. These include: –

Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association

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Footwear source trade policy and complaints expertise

Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association Through real-time data, analytical studies, newsletters from various Associations, working group calls, events, and direct consultation, PFMA helps all of its members better understand trade challenges and improve factory compliance.

Footwear custom guidance

Through its regular mail and special circulars, PFMA attempts to keep its members informed about customs rulings, product recalls, and general footwear duty and import trends.

Footwear Industry Networking

To help connect executives in the footwear industry, PFMA organizes a variety of industry networking events. Monthly and annual gatherings offer networking opportunities where CEOs, Presidents, VPs, and Directors from all sectors of the industry can mingle. Additionally, PFMA facilitates calls and meetings amongst business leaders as needed.

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