Pakistan Mega Leather Show

Pakistan Mega Leather Show


In the list of export-oriented industries of Pakitan, the leather industry of Pakistan is the second largest in the manufacturing sector. It is also the third in its contribution towards the overall exports of Pakistan.

The core products of the leather industry in Pakistan are:

  • Leather garments.
  • Gloves.
  • Tanned leather.
  • Footwear.

Influential Associations of the leather industry in Pakistan are: 

  • Footwear.
  • Leather goods.
  • Tanneries. 
  • Gloves. 
  • Leather garments. 

These associations were working for a long time without any common platform. To cope with the demand of the national as well as international market, they needed a joint forum where the demand and supply could be balanced. Resultantly, with a joint effort, they were successful in forming a common umbrella. “The Pakistan Mega Leather Show(PMLS)” is a mega event and output of the joined efforts.

PMLS is the biggest exhibition of leather products in Pakistan. It has deep implications for the outputs and standard operating procedures of leather-associated businesses. It was an open platform for foreign buyers and local exporters. This exhibition gave a boost to the leather industry. 

The government sector and policymakers showed their maximum participation and showed extended concern to the maximum possible level. Government bodies including the Ministry of Finance, the Trade Development Authority of Pakistan(TDAP), the Ministry of Industries, and the Lahore International Expo Center provided unprecedented support to the fair. Pakistan’s Number One Leather Show depicts the Pakistani footwear and leather market in international arenas. it is very helpful to make for the representation of the newcomers as well as the experienced entrepreneurs.

PMLS will give the following opportunities:

  • Find new markets
  • Meet potential buyers
  • Opportunity to build prospect databases
  • Discuss customer business requirements in a neutral setting. 
  • A chance to inform the market about your experience and knowledge of the product.
  • Build relationships with existing customers / to consolidate the market position.
  • Give product and service demonstrations, respond to inquiries, and accomplish goals.
  • Generate new sales leads
  • Build brand awareness
  • Generate media exposure for your company
  • Present your company as a market leader
  • The right platform to launch new products
  • Components and accessories supplies.
  • Bring the most active prospects to your stand


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