Pakistan’s Leather Exports

Pakistan’s Leather Exports

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Pakistan’s Leather Exports

Pakistan’s leather exports have great prospects

ISLAMABAD: Leather industry stakeholders have enjoyed the increase in shipments of their goods following the lifting of lockdowns in other nations.

The exports this year were excellent. Danish Khan, the proprietor of Highways Creations Private Limited, stated that the export of leather clothing was at the top of the list, followed by the export of leather gloves. It’s not just him. The government’s wise policies and notable easing of lockdowns at various locations have contributed to the leather industry’s gradual comeback.

The Pakistan Tanners Association Annual Report (2020-21) indicates that the value of exports of leather and leather products from Pakistan increased by 8.86% from $765.35 million in the fiscal year 2019–20 to $833.19 million in the fiscal year 2020–21, which is very encouraging for the leather exporters.

Agha Saiddain, a former chairman of the Pakistan Tanners Association, bemoaned the fact that leather exports, which were worth $1.25 billion in 2007–08, were now only worth $833 million. Regarding the export composition of leather, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics reports that, in the fiscal year 2020–21, over 20% of all exports were made up of completed leather followed by 34% leather apparel, 31% leather gloves 13% footwear, and 2% leather items. Saiddain observed that it was remarkable that more leather garments were exported than shoes.

“The statistics around the world are different. 65% of all leather exports worldwide are for shoes.

Pakistan’s Leather Exports

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He continued by saying that Pakistan had not worked on the footwear sector and that no joint ventures existed. Furthermore, he added, Karachi’s law and order environment were unfit for major companies. He was of the opinion that there was enormous potential for cooperation between the two nations to create a win-win situation, citing that Pakistan produced superb leather for big brands with reduced labor costs and China was the largest producer of footwear and leather items. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s Special Economic Zones should allow collaborative partnerships, he added (CPEC). He also said that Pakistani tanneries could process raw materials imported from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and Azerbaijan as well as the rest of the region. “At the moment, we are only using 50% of our tanning capacity, but there is 50% additional capacity available. The capacity can be increased immediately, he said.

Pakistan’s Leather Exports

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