Highland Cattle Fur Texture

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Highland cattle are known for their distinctive long, shaggy fur that serves as protection against harsh weather conditions. The texture of Highland cattle fur is coarse, dense, and often wavy. The hair can be up to 13 inches (33 cm) long, forming a thick double coat that helps it withstand cold temperatures and precipitation.

The outer layer of their fur is made up of coarse guard hairs, providing a waterproof barrier and protecting the softer, insulating undercoat beneath. The undercoat is finer and helps to keep the cattle warm in colder climates. The combination of these two layers contributes to the unique texture of Highland cattle fur.

To describe the texture more vividly, you might use terms like coarse, wiry, wavy, and thick when referring to the outer guard hairs. The undercoat, although softer, still adds to the overall density of the fur.

If you are working on a project or need a visual reference, you may find it helpful to look at images of Highland cattle to observe the texture and characteristics of their fur.

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