Best Leather Products in Pakistan

best leather products in Pakistan population growth and everyday fashion trends are having a significant impact on the country’s leather brands and industry. In Pakistan, the demand for and sales of leather have skyrocketed. The leather industry in Pakistan, which is regarded as the center for producing high-quality leather and leather goods, is expanding exponentially. Around 800 tanneries in the nation are actively working to produce the highest-quality finished leather from cow, buffalo, sheep, and goat skins. Similarly to this, numerous national and international leather firms have made investments in Pakistan in order to make money. Therefore, we have chosen some of Pakistan’s leading and best leather manufacturers.

best leather products in Pakistan

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  • Gucci
  • Blackbird Leathers
  • Mont Blanc
  • Giorgio Armani
  • Levi’s
  • Jafferjees
  • Outfitters
  • Borjan

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best leather products in Pakistan based in Florence, Italy, Gucci is a high-end luxury fashion brand. Handbags, ready-to-wear, accessories, footwear, and cosmetics are among its product categories, along with home furnishings and perfumes. In Florence, Tuscany, Guccio Gucci established Gucci in 1921. A symbol of the Italian Dolce Vita, Gucci rose to prominence under the leadership of Aldo Gucci (Guccio’s son).

best leather products in Pakistan

They manufacture nearly all styles of wallets. Bi-fold wallets, trifold wallets, blingy or plain wallets, and even money clips are available. Gucci wallets can cost a lot of money. For instance, Gucci’s Canvas Black Supreme retails for 440 dollars, but converting that price to Pakistani rupees results in a price of 80 thousand, making this brand too expensive for the majority of Pakistanis. Aristocrats alone can afford it. If you want to make a high-end impression at your aristocratic sittings, Gucci is the way to go.

Blackbird Leathers;

best leather products in Pakistan If your eyes are curious to witness the skillful fabrication of pure top-grain leather at reasonable costs and your fingertips are ready to feel the polished leather texture. Then, Blackbird Leathers is the best leather brand available. One of Pakistan’s leading leather brands, it provides the best a man can find.

best leather products in Pakistan

A collection of handmade natural men’s leather wallets, accessories, and other unique products may be discovered with deft craftsmanship, pure leather aroma, modern style, spaciousness, and elegance. To ensure the durability of the wallet or any other item they sell, only the machine stitching is done on each wallet. The best and most notable feature of Blackbird Leathers is the stark disparity between the pricing of their products and their prices. Blackbird sells wallets that GUCCI and LOUIS charge more than $150 for, yet their durability and texture creation is far superior to both of those brands. Blackbird Leathers never compromises on quality, and client satisfaction is at the top of its list of priorities. It is true that when brands gain a reputation, they begin adulterating their products. They only have such a large consumer base because of this.

best leather products in Pakistan

Mont Blanc;

One more well-known brand for high-end leather goods is Montblanc International. It is a Hamburg-based German company that produces high-end items. Montblanc is a manufacturer of a variety of goods, including travel accessories, writing instruments, timepieces, jewelry, and wallets. Although their wallets are quite expensive, they endure longer than expected. There is always something for everyone because they have more designs and styles than one could possibly experience.

best leather products in Pakistan

Giorgio Armani;

Nearly all oniomania are familiar with the Italian wallet company Giorgio Armani, which bears the name of renowned fashion designer Giorgio Armani. One of the most recognizable names in high fashion right now is Giorgio Armani. They provide stylish, long-lasting wallets that are sleek and attractive, and their world-class designers create designs that continue to seem fresh even after years of use.

best leather products in Pakistan


Levi’s brand of denim pants is a trademark of the American clothing business Levi Strauss & Co. This business is a “Denim pioneer.” It was started in May 1853 by Levi Strauss, a German immigrant. They began as manufacturers of denim pants before expanding into the production of all men’s accessories, including high-quality wallets at reasonable costs. Depending on the quality and longevity of a wallet, their prices range from $2000 to $10,000. Levi’s Men’s RFID Traveler Wallet, Brown Passcase, and One Size, for instance, costs 6.5k. Conversely, certain Levi’s wallets are also priced at $1,3000.


Another leather accessory company from Pakistan is called Jafferjees. Jafferjees is one of the oldest leather products companies in the world, with a history that dates back to 1880. They produce really high-quality leather wallets for men. The majority of their wallets are beautiful but pricey.


Outfitters is a great option for people who appreciate semi-casual twists and want something casual but stylish. Their purses are hip, selective, and reasonably priced. For young guys and students looking to acquire their first “real wallet” at a discount, these are especially ideal.


The one-stop shop for “men’s accessories” is called Borjan. Borjan Pvt Ltd has been known for making shoes of the highest caliber among all companies in Pakistan aiming to offer their customers the best shoes and leather wallets. By creating stylish and contemporary shoes and other leather items for both men and women, this brand is grabbing the attention of young people.

They have been providing their customers with excellent products at fair prices for 16 years. In roughly 33 locations across the nation, the company has opened close to 47 shops. Every year, they sell roughly 50,000 pairs of shoes. Due to the current rise in demand, their prices have significantly departed from the norm.

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