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Pak Leather Crafts Limited We are one of Pakistan’s top producers and exporters of finished leather and leather clothing. Our organization was started in 1971. 1.2 to 1.3 million square feet of finished leather and roughly 40,000 leather outfits are currently produced each month. At our most cutting-edge tannery, the completed leather is made in a variety of items and colors using Lamb, Goat, Cow, and Buffalo skins. Our leather is appropriate for use in shoes, purses, and gloves. We have skilled leather specialists who are constantly able to create new finishes per the customers’ requests while keeping high production quality. The absence of PCP, AZO, Nickel, Dye Dispersion, Chrome VI, and other potentially harmful substances may be found in all items. Our pricing is really affordable, and we always make deliveries on time. Always on schedule and in accordance with the needs of our cherished clients. Requesting our company brochure, leather goods, or color cards is always welcome. We look forward to your interest and inquiries and hope to hear from you soon. We promise you our full cooperation in the interim and look forward to building a strong, mutually beneficial partnership with you.

Pak Leather Crafts Limited About Company

A public limited company called Pak Leather Crafts Ltd. was established in Pakistan in accordance with the since-repealed Companies Ordinance, of 1984. Leather tanning, leather garment production, and leather and leather garment export are the company’s three main business activities.


We want to establish ourselves as a trusted supplier of premium colored leathers for both domestic and foreign markets.


tanning and producing leather for shoes, clothing, purses, and gloves. We produce leather for customers who demand high quality and prompt delivery. Manufacturers who want to create items for emerging trends will benefit greatly from our tannery. We think providing high-quality products has intrinsic worth, and we want to reap as much of that value as we can.

pak leather crafts limited


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Leather Craft Shoes

One of India’s leading producers of high-quality leather goods is Leather Craft. The wide selection of handcrafted shoes offered by Leather Craft is renowned for their quality and functionality. Additionally, we offer the greatest and most unique tailored fall protection safety solutions for the industry. With its headquarters in Central India, Nagpur, Leather Craft is able to maintain close connections with the entire country. For our products to be easily accessible to end users, Leather Craft maintains a large network of dealers and distributors.

pak leather crafts limitedpak leather crafts limited

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