Leather Homemade Chappal Kaptaan Imran Khan Style Black


Leather Homemade Chappal Kaptaan Imran Khan Style Black

  • leather-and-rubber sole

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Leather Homemade Chappal Kaptaan Imran Khan Style Black

t sounds like you’re interested in making homemade leather chappals (sandals) inspired by the style of Kaptaan Imran Khan, the former cricketer and Prime Minister of Pakistan. Creating custom footwear can be a fun and creative project. Here’s a general outline of the steps you might take:

Leather Homemade Chappal Kaptaan Imran Khan Style Black

Materials and Tools:

  1. Leather: Choose a high-quality leather in the color and texture you prefer.
  2. Chappal Design: Find or create a design that matches Imran Khan’s style.
  3. Patterns: Create or obtain patterns for the various parts of the chappal.
  4. Cutting Tools: leather cutting knife or shears.
  5. Punching Tools: Hole punch, awl, and leather stitching chisels.
  6. Stitching Supplies: Strong thread, needles, and stitching ponytails or clips.
  7. Leather Cement: Adhesive for attaching pieces before stitching.
  8. Finishing Supplies: Sandpaper, edge burnishing tools, and leather finish.


  1. Design and Pattern: Sketch the design of the chappal based on Imran Khan’s style. Then, create patterns for each component: the sole, straps, and any embellishments.
  2. Cutting: Use your patterns to cut the leather pieces. Pay attention to the grain of the leather and ensure you have a left and a right piece for each chappal.
  3. Punching Holes: Use a hole punch or awl to create holes along the edges where you will be stitching the pieces together. Make sure the holes are evenly spaced for a neat appearance.
  4. Assembly: Apply a thin layer of leather cement to the edges you’ll be stitching. This helps hold the pieces in place as you stitch them together.
  5. Stitching: Use a strong waxed thread and a saddle stitch to sew the pieces together. Saddle stitching is a technique where two needles are threaded on either end of a single thread, and they pass through the same holes in opposite directions. This creates a sturdy and decorative stitch.
  6. Strap Attachment: Attach the straps to the main sole piece, ensuring they are properly aligned and securely stitched.
  7. Finishing Edges: Use sandpaper to smooth any rough edges. Then, use an edge burnishing tool to create a polished edge along the leather.
  8. Finishing Touches: Depending on the desired style, you can add embellishments, such as metal studs, decorative stitching, or other personalized elements.
  9. Final Polishing: Apply a leather finish or conditioner to give the chappals a polished look and to protect the leather.

Remember that working with leather requires patience and practice. It’s a good idea to practice your stitching on scrap pieces of leather before working on your final project. Additionally, while you’re drawing inspiration from Imran Khan’s style, feel free to add your unique touches to make the chappals truly your own.

Keep in mind that crafting leather goods requires specific skills and tools. If you’re new to leatherworking, consider taking a workshop or tutorial to learn the basics before attempting a more intricate project like making chappals.



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