Mens Handmade Norozi Chappal with Double Sole


Mens Handmade Norozi Chappal with Double Sole


  • Genuine Cowhide Leather
  • Leather lining
  • Hook and Loop closure
  • Traditional Peshawari Chappal Certainly Highlights Your Choice in Apparel & Footwear
  • Retro Sandals For Men Made with 100% Genuine Premium Leather for Enhanced Moisture-Wicking Performance
  • Adjustable Strap, Arch Support, Buckle Closing , Comfort, Cushioned, Slip Resistant
  • Available in 8 Sizes | Leather Sandals for Men
  • The Groove In Sole Will Support Your Heel And Prevent Slip. Handmade, Slip Resistant, Wear Resistant, Adjustable Fitting Strip For The Best Mens Sandals.

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Mens Handmade Norozi Chappal with Double Sole
Mens Handmade Norozi Chappal with Double Sole
Mens Handmade Norozi Chappal with Double Sole

It sounds like you’re interested in a specific type of handmade chappal called “Norozi Chappal” with a double sole. As of my last update in September 2021, I don’t have specific information about this particular type of chappal or brand. However, I can provide you with some general information about handmade chappals and what a double sole.

Mens Handmade Norozi Chappal with Double Sole

Handmade Chappals: Handmade chappals are crafted by skilled artisans using traditional techniques. They often showcase intricate designs, attention to detail, and a personal touch that sets them apart from mass-produced footwear. These types of chappals are popular in various regions for their unique aesthetics and craftsmanship.

Double Sole: A “double sole” typically refers to the presence of two layers of sole material on the bottom of the chappal. This can serve multiple purposes:

  1. Durability: The extra layer of sole material can increase the lifespan of the chappal by providing more protection against wear and tear.
  2. Comfort: The double sole might offer more cushioning and support, making the chappal more comfortable to wear for extended periods.
  3. Style: A double sole could also be a design element, adding visual appeal and uniqueness to the chappal.

If you’re specifically looking for “Norozi Chappal” with a double sole, I recommend searching online marketplaces, local artisan shops, or specialty footwear stores that focus on handmade and traditional footwear. You might also consider reaching out to artisans or sellers who specialize in such footwear to inquire about availability and customization options.

Remember that details might vary based on the specific region or culture the chappals originate from, so it’s always a good idea to seek out sources that are well-versed in the particular type of chappal you’re interested in.


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