Norozi Chappal

 5,000 5,500

  • Made of Pure Leather
  • Double Tire Sole
  • Light Weight
  • Original Product
  • Premium Quality


Description of Norozi Chappal Design:

The best quality leather is used in the making of all the products. Norozi Kheri chappal Mustard Leather, black leather, and brown leather are the premium designs of the KHeRi.

We Deal in Norozi Chappal, Kheri Chappal, Balochi Orignal Leather Norozi Sandal all over Pakistan. We also make customized orders as per the demand of customer color & Choice.

Available in All Sizes: 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 /

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Norozi Chappal Price in Pakistan: 

Generally, the norozi chappal price in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 3500/- to  Rs. 15500/-. Norozi chappal Quetta’s price in Pakistan has a range because of variations in the quality. Although the shape is the same there is a big difference between quality and comfort level and the process of making.

Product Description:

  • Made of Pure Leather
  • Double Tire Sole
  • Light Weight
  • Original and Certified Product
  • Premium Quality
  • Black Color Leather

Customized Norozi Chappal Design

We also make customized-sized norozi chappal as per demand. You can also order the feet of different sizes, for example, a person has a right foot of size 9 and a left foot of size 8. A special order will be made for you as per your requirement.

How to buy Norozi chappal Black?

Norozi Chappal Black Double Sole by KHeRi is made in Quetta.

Delivery Time:

  • If you have placed a customized order then please be patient, it depends upon the demanded product. Our customer care representative will contact you as soon as possible.
  • In the second place, Your order will be delivered in 3 to 5 working days within Pakistan subject to the availability of the size and normal circumstances in the country.
  • Foreign customers can get delivery of the product in 10 to 20 days subject to the availability of the required size and normal working conditions in both countries. Exceptionally, the customers in the UK can get delivery soon because of an inventory house in Northampton.

Return and Refund Policy:

Consequently, the customers can return it within 7 days through any best courier services in Pakistan, soon after the delivery of the product, . Pakistan Post is good and economical for returning the product.

  • Before returning back please pack the product properly.
  • Secondly, please don’t use the Kheri even for one time.
  • Further, if the required product for replacement is available, within three days KHeRi Footwear will replace the product and dispatch it.
  • Moreover, we will refund you within 3 working days after receiving the returned product from the customers.


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US/Euro Size 11/44, US/Euro Size 12/45, US/Euro Size 6/39, US/Euro Size 7/40, US/Euro Size 8/41, US/Euro Size 9/42, US/Euro Size 10/43