Norozi Chappal Brown

 6,500 7,500

Made of Pure Leather

Double Tire Sole

Light Weight

Original and Certified Product

Premium Quality

Chocolate Brown Color


Norozi Chappal Brown by KHeRi

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Shop Address: Kheri Footwear, near Liaquat Dairy, Alamdar Road, Quetta.

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All the products are made of pure leather with the best quality stuff. Norozi Chappal Mustard Leather, black leather, and brown leather are the premium designs of the KHeRi.

We Deal in Norozi Chappal, Kheri Chappal, and Balochi Orignal Leather Norozi Sandals to all over Pakistan. We also make customized orders as per the demand of customer color & Choice.

Foot size Chart

Available in All Sizes: 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12 / 13 /

We also make Customized Size Chappal As Per Demand.

You can also order feet of different sizes, for example, a person has a right foot of size 9 and a left foot of size 8. A particular order will be made for you as per your requirement.

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How to buy Norozi Chappal Black by Kheri?

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Delivery Time:

Your order will be delivered in 3 to 5 working days within Pakistan subject to the availability of the size and normal circumstances in the country.

Foreign customers can get delivery of the product in 10 to 20 days subject to the availability of the required size and normal working conditions in both countries. 

Return and Refund Policy:

After the delivery of the product, the customers can return it within 7 days through any valid courier service in Pakistan. Pakistan Post is good and economical for returning the product.  The product should be packed properly, it should be in good condition and not used even for one time.

The product will be replaced in 3 working days subject to the availability of the required product by the customer.

The customer will be refunded within 3 working days after receipt of the product at the KHeRi footwear office.

Norozi Chappal Quetta price in Pakistan varies with the quality of the product and also depends upon the seller. Norozi Chappal single sole and norozi chappal double sole are the two variants of original norozi chappal. Norozi Chappal price in Lahore may be different from norozi chappal in Karachi. Norozi chappal design varies with the location of manufacturing. Norozi Chappal Lahore is also very good. Norozi Chappal price in Pakistan is different from Norozi chappal DG Khan price, norozi chappal price in Faisalabad. Norozi Chappal pics are also available online. Norozi chappal Black is considered one of the premium designs. Norozi Chappal daraz has a variety of collections. Norozi Chappal Karachi is not behind in any other quality. Balochi norozi Chappal is also a premium product. Faiz Norozi Chappal DG Khan is a famous brand of norozi. Original norozi Chappal and original norozi chappal DG Khan prices are very different. Peshawari norozi chappal is also famous but that is not original norozi. DG Khan norozi chappal is also traditional footwear. Norozi Peshawari Chappal, norozi Shikari Chappal, and norozi Balochi chappal are as famous as themselves norozi.



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6/39, 7/40, 8/41, 9/42, 10/43, 11/44, 12/45


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