GSD Funding

GSD Funding

GSD Funding offers a comprehensive suite of loan programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of real estate investors and businesses. Customized for residential real estate investors, their Real Estate Investment Loans cover a range of needs, including rental properties, fixes & flips, new builds, and multifamily units. With nationwide lending and eligibility for Foreign Nationals, GSD Funding ensures accessibility and flexibility in real estate financing.

One of GSD Funding’s innovative loan programs is Flexpay: Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan. This program offers financial flexibility with features such as interest-only payments for one year, safety net rollover for an additional two years, and a reduced minimum initial loan to $50,000 for the interest-only period. Flexpay allows borrowers to manage their finances effectively during the initial phase, with gradual repayment options tailored to their needs.

Their Business Line of Credit provides collateral-free access of up to $750,000 with a quick 24- to 48-hour approval process. This flexible credit line empowers businesses to access capital quickly and efficiently, paying only for the funds they utilize. It’s ideal for expansion, renovations, or equipment purchases, with 24-hour access to funds.

For businesses facing cash flow challenges, GSD Funding’s Working Capital loan offers a maximum amortizing term of up to 36 months, quick access to necessary funds, and is ideal for overcoming short-term hurdles and gaining momentum for long-term success. It supports business growth and stability during periods of lower sales or when preparing for a busy season.

Their Bridge Loan is designed to propel business growth with flexible financing, enabling businesses to bridge funding gaps, overcome bank limitations hindering growth, and access up to $1 million with repayments over 36 months. This versatile loan option helps businesses capitalize on emerging opportunities and navigate post-pandemic challenges effectively.

Finally, the Interest-Only Bankroll offers approvals from $200,000 to $1 million within 24 to 48 hours, interest-only payments for up to a year, and repayment terms of up to three years with low, fixed payments. With the Interest-Only Bankroll, borrowers gain access to a flexible financing solution that adapts to their evolving needs, providing the liquidity and flexibility required for success.

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