Shoes Exporters in Pakistan

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan. We discuss the top shoe and footwear producers in Pakistan in this article. Their products are divided into three categories: women’s shoes, formal/leather/safety shoes, and casual shoes/sneakers. Numerous providers are entering the industry to benefit from the exponential growth of the global footwear market. In actuality, a CAGR of 4.6% is predicted for the footwear market between 2012 and 2025. Within this enormous market, every segment is expanding faster than 10%. However, one industry outperforms the others, and that industry is the footwear industry. With strong growth rates predicted to be about 48%, this industry will reach an estimated $103 billion in 2025. As a result, it is a profitable market for any company to enter. Naturally, all businesses want trustworthy and high-quality suppliers, and Pakistan is full of providers who provide excellent quality at reasonable pricing. Please visit the website of the Pakistan Footwear Manufacturers Association (PFMA) for further details on the country’s footwear manufacturing business.

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan

List of Footwear And Shoe Manufacturers In Pakistan


Shoes Exporters in PakistanRaja Industries, which was founded in 1966, is the industry leader in producing high-quality  It exports to every market in the world, including Europe and other foreign markets. The company has high-quality assurance methods in place as evidenced by its ISO 9002 and Sedex certifications.

The business takes great pleasure in its expert craftspeople and advanced, cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities at the factory.

  • Men’s/women’s casual shoes
  • Men/women loafers
  • Men’s/women’s sneakers

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan


Shoes Exporters in Pakistan leading footwear producer and exporter in Pakistan is Savitar Shoes. Sneakers and casual shoes are among the many footwear items in their broad range. The business is very customer-focused and utilizes skilled labor. Quality is guaranteed through stress testing and inspections at every stage of the manufacturing process, but especially when production is first ramped up. By allowing for as much customization and flexibility in the products for the consumer as is practical, it places a strong emphasis on customer happiness.

  • Men’s/women’s casual shoes
  • Men’s/women’s sneakers
  • Men/women slip-on
  • Touring/racing/adventure shoes

A broad variety of product categories are available, including patterns, colors, materials, sizes, and quality. As a result, the customer has access to a wide range of options and can, upon request, request that their order be customized. Because of their reasonable costs and excellent quality, this company is a good choice for many kinds of businesses.

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan


Pakistani premium and opulent shoe manufacturer Gomila Intersole. Given that their shoemakers and artisans have worked for extended periods of time at shoe-making firms in Spain, Italy, and the United Kingdom, their quality is of the highest caliber. Please remember that this is a luxury shoe manufacturer in Pakistan, thus high pricing is to be expected.

  • Men/women fabric casual shoes
  • Men/women loafers
  • Men/women leather joggers
  • Boat shoes

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan The business sells custom-made footwear that may be completely customized down to the last shoe part. Within 14 days, shipping is available anywhere in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, and other nations; however, this depends on the number of orders. Although prices are also based on quantity, since the business creates high-quality products, expect high prices. The company makes personalized shoes, thus there is no predetermined MOQ. This organization is ideal for businesses that want to import and market luxury high-end footwear.

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan


Established in 1954, Servis Group Industries is a well-known footwear producer in Pakistan. The company, which is traded on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, generates staggering total revenues of USD $194 million and employs up to 10,900 people in its facilities. Particularly, the footwear division of the business brings in roughly $92 million USD a year. It ships goods to nations in the European Union like Germany, France, and Italy. The business has a production facility on-site that handles the entire manufacturing process, from the raw materials to the finished product, and has a daily output capacity of 40,500 pairs of shoes.

  • Men’s/women’s casual shoes
  • Men’s/women’s sneaker shoes
  • Men/women slip-ons and loafers
  • Men/women joggers/sports shoes

The company’s introduction suggests that it is appropriate for major companies that want to import significant volumes of footwear. As a result, their minimum order quantity is relatively big, and their prices change depending on the order size.

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan


Shoes Exporters in Pakistan group of extremely skilled experts founded the Masterpiece Shoe Company in 1989. It is a recognized manufacturer and supplier of footwear in Pakistan, serving both domestic and international customers. It features a production facility that can create items from the ground up and places a strong emphasis on quality control.

  • Men’s/women’s casual shoes
  • Men/women slip-on
  • Men/women fabric shoes
  • Men/women loafers
  • Men/women’s traditional wedding shoes
  • Men/women’s high-top shoes

The Masterpiece Shoe Company makes high-end footwear and has a large selection of leather goods. As a result, the costs are premium to reflect the higher quality. All businesses can deal with this corporation, although the MOQ is low. Given that they do business with multinational corporations, the delivery time is in line with industry standards, and has connections to logistical firms.

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan


Pakistan is a top choice for corporations since it produces and exports leather shoes of the highest caliber and does so at a competitive price. Pakistan’s top producer of leather shoes is Big2Impex. It makes other leather goods in addition to shoes. It has clients in the wholesale, retail, and supply chain industries and exports to major international markets like the United States, the United Kingdom, and Northern Europe. Additionally, the business produces high-quality shoes and has reasonable rates, making it appropriate for all kinds of businesses.

  • Leather monk-strap shoes
  • Leather oxford-cut shoes
  • Leather regular dress shoes
  • Leather slip-ons and casual
  • Leather high-top shoes

shoe exporters in Pakistan

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan Click here to read more detail


Please remember that this manufacturer mostly manufactures leather shoes for men. The minimum order quantity is 100 pieces, the payment methods are negotiable, and the price is available upon request. Genuine leather is used, and the size ranges from 6 to 12.

  • Flat shoes
  • Heel shoes
  • Wedges shoes
  • Pumps shoes
  • Moccasin shoes

Since the company is young, its MOQ is respectable but not excessively low. As a result, it is appropriate for all kinds of businesses. They also offer assistance with designing.


shoe exporters in Pakistan The largest and most renowned maker of footwear in Pakistan is Bata Pakistan. They have been in business for over 65 years and are a significant exporter from Pakistan. Germany, France, Greece, Algeria, Turkey, South Africa, Dubai, and Saudi Arabia are just a few of their international markets. In Pakistan, the company has 12 wholesale depots that support its more than 431 retail locations, 544 registered wholesale dealers, and 136 DSP franchise branches. The business, which manufactures extremely high-quality goods, is accredited by the ISO and other organizations that deal with quality management.

  • Ladies Casual
  • Ladies sneakers
  • Ladies heel
  • Ladies pumps
  • Ladies formal

In addition to producing high-quality content, Bata runs socially conscious programs. They run a program called Beta Children that offers donations and shoes to young people from low-income families. Given the size of the business, there is a high MOQ. Prices are flexible and quantity-based. Delivery and shipment timeframes are outstanding because the business has connections to leading logistical and shipping firms.

Shoes Exporters in Pakistan


Pakistan’s top footwear producer is Starlet Group. It is a well-known footwear maker in Pakistan with more than 40 retail locations. Quality and client satisfaction are highly prioritized.Shoes Exporters in Pakistan

  • Moccasins shoes
  • Mule shoes
  • Pumps shoes
  • Khussa shoes
  • Sports shoes

Due to its size as a manufacturer, the company has a high MOQ. The amount and kind of shoes ordered determines the cost, payment terms, delivery, and shipment. Get in touch with the business for more details.


Metro Shoes is a well-known Pakistani footwear maker and brand that was founded in 1986. The business manufactures high-quality shoes and holds an ISO certification. It has a lot of retail locations all throughout Pakistan.

  • Heels shoes
  • Slides shoes
  • Wedges shoes
  • Pumps shoes
  • Trainer shoes

Metro Shoes collaborates and exports its goods even though it is primarily a retail brand. Due to its substantial manufacturing facility, its MOQ is high. Prices, delivery schedules, and payment methods are determined by the number and type of products. Western Union, HSBC, Perfect Money, and PayPal are all accepted forms of payment.


shoe exporters in Pakistan Protection firm Lyra Pvt Limited was founded in 1948 and has a solid reputation. For their safety, the company’s goods have received certification from organizations including Pakistan Military, ISO, and ASTM. It typically possesses certifications such as ISO 9001:2015, NIJ standard approval, CE, and hENs, which ensure that the quality of all of its products is guaranteed. It exports to other markets, primarily Europe, and as a result, a European office was set up.

  • Leather-laced safety shoes
  • Leather high-top safety shoes
  • Leather safety boots

Their safety shoes are high-quality leather and steel toes. MOQ is quite decent but is not low enough for small enterprises and businesses.


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