1500 prize bond schedule 2023

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1500 prize bond schedule 2023 is given below. Normally, there are four draws for every denomination of prize bonds including 1500 prize bond.

There are four denominatons of National Prize Bonds which are Rs.100/- Rs. 200/-, Rs.750/- and Rs. 1500/- and two denominations of Premium Prize Bonds which are Rs, 25000/- and Rs. 40000/- are in circulations, six denomination in total.

There are four draws for each of the six denominations of the prize bonds in Pakistan. Draws are held on quarterly basis in different field offices and head office of the State Bank of Pakistan, Banking Services Corporation Pakistan.

Altough, the National Savings (CDNS) is the owner of the prize bond scheme in Pakistan, but the State Bank of Pakistan, Banking services corporation handles all its operations.

1500 prize bond schedule 2023

2023Draw NO.Draw DateDraw City
1st Draw9315-02-2023QUETTA
2nd Draw9415-05-2023LAHORE
3rd Draw9515-08-2023PESHAWAR
4th Draw9615-11-2023FAISALABAD
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Facts and Figures

  • Rs. 1500 Prize Bond is the biggest denomination of the National Prize Bonds in Pakistan.
  • There are 1700 number of prizes in each draw.
  • There is only 1 first prize winning number, 3 second prize winning numbers and 1696 third prize winning numbers in every draw of Rs. 1500 prize bond.
  • First prize is Rs. 30,00,000/-, second prize is Rs. 10,00,000/- and third prize is 18,500/-.
  • Prize money is subjected to tax, which is deducted at the source.
  • Tax deduction rate for the filer is 15% and for nonfilers it is 30% of the prize money only.
  • Facevalue is redeemed in full amount.
  • Prize bond issue two months prior the date of draw are eligible for prize or prize money.

A complete prize bond schedule 2023 is given below.

prize bond schedule 2023


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